So, I’ve kind of got a new job, new office and new team…

Many of you will know that when we started out with BrightonSEO we never had huge sophisticated plans, in fact those of you who were there for that first event will remember the wonky whiteboard that all the slides were projected on to and maybe even recall that we didn’t have a projector sorted until Andy Keetch, then at WiredSussex, came to the rescue.


We’ve come a long way from that room above the pub, so far in fact, by our reckoning, the last BrightonSEO was the biggest search event in Europe. OK people pay hundreds or thousands to attend those other events but it’s nice to have more SEOs all in one building than any other event*.


At the tail end of last year we tried to prove that BrightonSEO wasn’t just a fluke and launched a great spin off event dedicated to Content Marketing, it’s a fairly new specialism and not one with dozens of events, and it was in London rather good old Brighton, so it was well outside our comfort zone. We got some lovely sponsors, and sold out 450 tickets in four minutes, so that one’s firmly in the ‘nice things that happened’ column.




So we had a big 2012 but we’ve got a bigger 2013, firstly I’m now working on nearly full time on BrightonSEO and the Content Marketing Show, in the past I fit it in around my other commitments at SiteVisibility but now it’s going to be my main focus. I’m still going to be involved at SV with training, innovation and strategy on key projects but the events business is going to be my main priority.


And that’s not the only change, we’ve also taken on the excellent Charlotte O’Brien as Sponsorship and Partnership Manager. She joins us from our friends at Econsultancy; she’ll be looking after our sponsors, media partners and friends who help make BrightonSEO possible. Charlotte should be writing a wee blog post to introduce herself over the next few days but suffice to say I’m very chuffed to have her on board.


Two big changes isn’t enough for us, we’ve also fledged the nest and got our own office. It’s a really cool art deco building that used to be the former terminal at Gatwick Airport, it’s actually got it’s own Wikipedia page, which I think it pretty cool…. The Beehive.




And as we’ve got a bit more space for my growing collection of NERF guns  (any donations gratefully received) and it also means we can share our offices with Natasha Woodford and Tino of ClockworkTalent, the Search Marketing recruitment business we co-founded. Anyone looking for a career move or looking to hire – feel free to get in touch for a confidential discussion.



So all in all it’s exciting times, that’s before I tell you about the awesome opening session we’ve got planned for April’s BrightonSEO.



  1. Paul Rogers says:

    Congrats Kelvin!

    That dog looks exactly the same as my dog – is it a flatcoat retriever?! :)

  2. Rhys says:

    Congratulations on the new role :)

  3. Becky Hesilrige says:

    Exciting news Kelvin! Best of luck with all the changes

  4. Sebastian says:

    Congrats dude! Looking forward to attending this year :)

  5. Good luck with this Kelvin, looking forward to an event better set of BrightonSEO events this year!

  6. all the best with your new project Kelvin! I hope I will be able to attend one of your conferences this year!

  7. Tim Aldiss says:

    Fantastic Kelvin, well deserved. Keep being awesome :)