Kate DreyerThe Global Site Migration Monster – A Case Study

Kate Dreyer, Global SEO Manager, Education First
Migrating a single website is difficult, but moving multiple websites in various languages can be a complete nightmare – If you don’t know what you’re doing you can destroy your rankings, traffic and business.

Using as a case study, this talk will show you how to plan and execute the perfect global site migration and help you tame the migration monster!

Matt FieldingHow to Deliver Cheap (Not Nasty) SEO.

Matt Fielding, SEO Manager, Custard Online
In the age of content marketing it’s easy to think that only big brands have the budget to deliver SEO success.
While many ‘cheap’ tactics will earn you little more than a Google penalty, there are plenty of ways to run a successful SEO campaign without resorting to risky techniques or maxing out the boss’ credit card.

Dawn Anderson Crawl Optimisation For Maximum Impact

Dawn Anderson, Director, Move It Marketing
Crawl budget allocation – does it exist and how to get the best from yours. Over indexation in Google, analysing server logs to prevent wastage. XML sitemap protocol issues and gaining maximum benefits
The horror that is a soft 404, ‘hoarding’ content, URL parameter problems, Canonicalisation (to canonicalise or not to canonicalise)

Rob BucciLocalising SEO Performance to Develop a Winning SEO Strategy

Rob Bucci, Founder, STAT Search Analytics

Embarking on an in-depth data research project, STAT Search Analytics segmented and tracked key SERPs that was competing for within in the United States.

The SERP driven case study resulted in three key findings which Rob will be presenting to the audience at BrightonSEO.

Rob will be discussing the strengths and weaknesses of short-tail versus geo-modified short-tail keywords, state-by-state competitive patterns, and Geico’s organic performance within the various lines of business it competes within.

Gemma BirchFacebook Who? The Lesser-Known World of Social Media

Gemma Birch, Marketing & Events Manager, WebCertain

Think social media, you think Facebook, Twitter and Instagram right? Well, not everyone does – and if you want to really cut it in the world of international social media you’re going to have to look beyond them. In her presentation Gemma will show you where to look – and what to do when you get there.

Ned PoulterAutomate Your Way to Productivity

Ned Poulter, Co-Founder, Avita Digital

Being ‘busy’ is a meaningless and overused term. It doesn’t make someone smart if they are responding to emails at 3AM. It makes you a poor time manager, living with the belief that spending your time on inane tasks makes you look important.

Real successes come in the form of actions that provide results.

In this talk, Ned will deliver ways in which you can boost your productivity, through useful tools, processes and automation. Allowing you to retain focus and dominate your productivity.

James AgateCreating Processes And A Distributed Team

James Agate, Founder, Skyrocket SEO

A quick 20 minutes on creating processes, distributed teams the how and why plus an overview of the process at Skyrocket SEO and how overall you can create a process for most things.

Andrew IsidoroHacking the Knowledge Graph

Andrew Isidoro, SEO Manager,

A talk into how Google are making use of semantic markup, Linked Data sources and their own data to fuel the Knowledge Graph and how SEOs can influence these to highlight themselves as entities.

An extension to: I Am An Entity Hacking The Knowledge Graph

Bastian GrimmThe Need For Speed: How To Make Your Website REALLY Fast!

Bastian Grimm, Managing Partner, Grimm Digital

Bastian will talk about basic as well as advanced performance optimisation strategies and methodologies – not only for techies but also for SEOs! The presentation will be covering request reduction & optimisation, caching & compression, mark-up tuning, image optimisation, database & webserver performance, as well as the must-use tools.

Stacey CavanaghThe Habits That Land You Links

Stacey Cavanagh, Head of Search, Tecmark

Link building. Yes, we still do it and we still need to do it. But our tactics have changed beyond recognition! In the post-Penguin era, Stacey and her team at Tecmark have been developing habits, rather than tactics, to land links and other brand signals for clients. In this talk, Stacey delves into some of the good habits that are proving effective (and some of the bad habits she’s been shaking off!).

Tim GriceEngagement & Brand Awareness as Ranking Signals

Tim Grice, Director Of Search, Branded3

As we move into 2014 we’re going to see a very different search landscape, one that is driven by authority and user signals. Links are obviously still very important, but will be joined by engagement and trust as Google attempt to establish what the best result really is. This session will discuss and explain the signals as well as providing compelling case studies.

Mike EssexThe Content Marketing Blueprint For Boring Industries

Mike Essex, Online Marketing Manager, Koozai

A step-by-step process on how to turn even the most mind numbingly tedious product into something people want to read about and write about, without sacrificing the values of your brand. Including a look at some of the most dull B2B and B2C products that broke free of their “boring” tags and produced something great.

Lukasz ZeleznyTraffic Potential – Track Your Keywords Position Like a Boss

Lukasz Zelezny, Head of Organic Acquisition,
- What is it and how to calculate the potential traffic of a keyword / keyword set
- How potential traffic fluctuates on a daily basis
- Different keyword types – different CTR distribution curve
- How to use CTR distribution curve
- How to understand and where to use received data

Julia OgdenHow Journalistic Principles Will Shape The Digital Marketing of Tomorrow

Julia Ogden, Head of Content, Zazzle Media
Journalists have been creating quality content to inform, educate and entertain for decades.

Julia will give a brief history of the regional press and the various roles in the newsroom and explain how journalistic principles can be applied to online content.

She will also take a look into the future and explain how digital marketers and newspaper and magazine journalists can work together, to create and distribute world-class content people will want to read.

Tony DimmockThe Business Side of Web Marketing: Your Mindset, Pre-Qualifying and Winning New Clients (while staying sane)

Tony Dimmock, Maverick, Martyr & MD, Dimmock Web Marketing
The “what”, “why” and “how” of pre-qualifying prospective clients, showing you’re the best choice and winning more new business.
Includes tips and advice on finding best-fit clients, working on your own “opportunity” mindset, toughening up (it’s a jungle out there!), the keys to being tenaciously bold and using a smart sales process to increase revenue and profit.
This talk is geared towards business owners, staff and anyone that continuously promotes or sells your brand.
An extension to: Pre-Qualifying Clients – What’s the big “deal”?

David SewellGoogle as Predator: The Evolution Of Search

David Sewell, SEO Consultant, Fresh Egg
Google started as a small fish in a big pond, then grew to become a bigger fish in a global pond. Now it is a tentaculated predator attempting to reach into every part of our lives. Survival in search depends on rapid adaptation and thriving on new opportunities.

Rich KirkSEO in the Bigger Picture: Why The Next 2 Years Will Be Spectacular For Owned Media Specialists Like You.

Rich Kirk, Comms Planner, ZenithOptimedia
An attempt to demonstrate the bigger macro trends that are influencing users and consequently, marketing strategy. Based on these factors, Rich will attempt (successfully?) to explain changes in how advertising is being perceived and put forward a model for thinking about owned media.

Pete Handley SEO Auditing Checklists & Processes

Pete Handley, Technical Director, The Media Flow
Pete will be running through the Media Flow’s On Site Auditing Checklists & Processes and highlighting the most common issues that they have to fix amongst the businesses that they work with.

Nick Garner You Are Who Google Say You Are

Nick Garner, CEO, 90 Digital
The public thinks search results are fair and unbiased and they trust Google as much as a newspaper.
Since that’s the case, what’s seen on Google will affect reputation, brand and consideration. i.e. You are what Google says you are.
SEO-ers are lucky; we know how to steer Google, so using well thought out content marketing with a ‘reputation lens’ we can do amazing things for brands.

Pete Campbell Native Advertising: The Secret Weapon of Content Marketing

Pete Campbell, Director/Founder, Kaizen
You can lead a piece of awesome content to water, but you can’t make it drink coverage, links and shares on it’s own.

This talk will take you through how you can harness the power of emerging native advertising platforms and paid social to help you earn ‘pearly-white’ links.

Malcolm Coles How I Earned Loads Of Links By Ignoring SEO

Malcolm Coles, Product Director, Trinity Mirror
UsVsTh3m grew even faster than buzzfeed and upworthy in its first 6 months – concentrating on socially-shareable content and sticking two fingers up at search engines. BUT PEOPLE WON’T STOP LINKING TO THE SITE. This talk is about what Malcolm learned about link building as a result …

Ammon Johns Value Your Data – Knowledge is Power

Ammon Johns, Internet Marketing Consultant, Ammon Johns & Co
Google’s move to [Not Provided] gave many their first real glimpse of how much power there is in data, and in withholding it. With the vast majority of websites now using free Google Analytics, Google actually know more data on those sites than their own webmasters do. Learn why you should not so freely give away your data, how to find many free alternatives to GA, and more.

Carolyn Jones Link Prospecting: Step Away From The Search Engine

Carolyn Jones, Managing Director, Webdurance Ltd.
It may not be glamorous but it’s damn useful. Whatever kind of link building campaigns you’re running, the ability to find relevant link prospects can help lay the foundation for a successful campaign. Carolyn will share some techniques with you so you can move beyond the common methods and discover more relevant prospects waiting for you off the beaten track. And, because she is just a really nice person, she’ll also share some tools and tips to help you work smarter.

Vicke Cheung From Concept to Completion: Tips for Designing Great Content

Vicke Cheung, Graphic Designer, Distilled
The talk will be structured around the typical path of a graphic designer’s journey to designing a great piece of online content; from the initial conceptual stage, to seeing it through to completion and launch. It will touch on examples from real case studies, to demonstrate different parts of the process, whilst offering actionable tips and tool recommendations.

Mat Morrison Datanoodling for Fun and Profit

Mat Morrison, Social Media Strategy Director, Liquid Thread
Discover how being a hobbyist programmer can enrich your professional life and your service offering. Using my own experience, I’ll touch on collecting data from the Facebook & Twitter APIs, data munging and visualisation with readily-available household items.

David Whatley Leveraging local addresses for local search

David Whatley, Managing Director, Mishop Local
This talk will cover how local listing sites play an integral part of local SEO, how brands can leverage local addresses to extend their search presence and key pointers in setting up and managing multiple local listings.

Jose Truchado Mobile SEO: Is responsive the Solution to all our Mobile Problems?

Jose Truchado, Director of SEO, Expedia
With mobile traffic gaining more market share over every day, it’s more important than ever for websites to be prepared for mobile devices users, Google says that whenever possible, they recommend you go with the responsive design approach, but is this always the best approach? in this presentation we’ll go through the different solutions when it comes to mobile and case scenarios in which each of them would work best.

Dara Fitzgerald Universal Analytics is Out of Beta… So What Now?

Dara Fitzgerald, Analytics Director, Measurelab
After about 18 months in beta, Universal Analytics is now fully available with complete feature parity compared to Classic GA. This presentation will run through the current state of play with Universal, the key benefits to us as marketers and practical examples of how to start making the most of the new tracking library.

Danny Richman Helping Online Businesses at the Prince’s Trust

Danny Richman, Digital Business Mentor, Prince’s Trust
Danny will present an opportunity to delegates working in the Digital Marketing Industry to offer a minimum of 1 hour a month to volunteer as a Digital Business Mentor at the Prince’s Trust.

Adrian Durow Think Eyes… Not Just Keywords

Adrian Durow, Founder and Chief Conversioneer, The ConversionArium
A fresh set of research into where users look on the SERPs, and in what order they look at them. How does attention vary by snippet layout? And what to organic marketers need to consider to get more attention on SERPs?

Dixon Jones How to Analyse Big Data and Use It To Drive Your Business

Dixon Jones, Marketing Director, Majestic SEO
It’s NOT just another phrase. It really isn’t! The world is changing and turning from making intuitive decisions backed up with empirical arguments towards letting the data lead the decisionb making process. It’s a brave new world and those that get it will have a huge advantage.

Ali White Make More Money By Integrating Your Data

Ali White, Head of Marketing and Sales, Calltracks
As the web becomes more and more open, so do the tools that you use. So how can they work together to help you improve your SEO and ultimately make you more money?
This isn’t just about demonstrating what is possible, this is about actionable tips and tricks that you can take away and implement today.

Tony King Breaking Bad SEO – The Science of Crawl Space

Tony King, Senior Digital Marketing Consultant, DeepCrawl
Discover a marketing framework to help you understand and optimise the URL space of your website comprehensively to maximise performance across SEO, content, social and outreach. What is the true internal link architecture, is this reflected in sitemaps, what’s driving the traffic and what URLs are people linking to? Rediscover valuable pages lost to time, gaps in internal linking structure and eliminate low value pages from Google’s index efficiently.

Kunle Campbell Hummingbird-Proof eCommerce SEO Planning – How Conversational based search is set to shape eCommerce in a post Hummingbird World

Kunle Campbell, Captain of the eCommerce Marketing Ship, 2x Media
With the rise of mobile search and desktop search on the decline, how should E-tailers prepare for Hummingbird’s continuous evolution ahead? Kunle would talk about how eCommerce SEO strategy should evolve from traditional keyword matching and veer towards a focus on search intent, semantics and tailored multi-platform content development. Google is fast evolving for the mobile web and so should your SEO and content strategy.

Damian Koblintz Beyond the Hreflang Tag – The Practical Challenges of Internationalization

Damian Koblintz,Site and Search Manager, Wiggle
There is more to internationalisation than causing search engines to recognise what language you are using. We’ll cover some of the practical business concerns as well as giving you some important questions you should be asking as you think about expanding your online reach.

James Owen What I have Learnt From Building A Bot To Crawl The Web

James Owen, Co-Founder and Head of Search, Click Intelligence
Content Opportunities. You may regard it as outreach, link building, inbound marketing, content marketing, link acquisition’s 2014 and the link building activity has moved on even since 2013 but how do you scale the good stuff and uncover the content opportunities that are there that everyone needs? What started as a experiment has now become the bedrock of our business.

Rebecca Lee Tried and Tested PR tactics For Content Outreach

Rebecca Lee, Digital PR and SEO Senior Account Executive, Dynamo PR
In the ever more competitive content marketing space, the challenge of getting your content published by big sites is even harder. Rebecca will be sharing actionable tips, tricks and tactics from the PR industry that she uses everyday to help get those big media hits for onsite content.

Shaun Russell Competitive Intelligence – How to Steal Your Competitor’s Lunch

Shaun Russell, Product Manager, Adthena
If you could take anything from your competitors’ plate, what would it be and why? We will demonstrate the surprising competitor secrets that Market-Driven competitive intelligence can reveal. Learn how to steal your competitors’ hard-earned insights and campaign strategies from under their noses.

Matt Roberts SEO for Brands in 2014

Matt Roberts, Chief Strategy Officer, Linkdex
We know that SEO has changed significantly over the last 12 months.
In 2014, what does SEO mean to the brands that want and need to be visible and persuasive in the Organic SERPS?

Jon Earnshaw Optimising and Monitoring Online Ecosystems in the Age of Semantic Search

Jon Earnshaw, CTO, Intelligent Positioning
Jon Earnshaw looks at how an ecosystem of assets can benefit a brand through semantic search – and highlight the negative impact of sub-domains and the “”gravity affect”” which can seriously harm your business’s search positions.
Are corporations and agencies aware of the opportunities and the potential flaws?

Neha Gupta Being a Turker

Neha Gupta, Ethnographer & PhD Researcher, University of Nottingham & Xerox Research Centre Europe (XRCE)
Neha is going to talk about her PhD research based on the largest online marketplace Amazon Mechanical Turk and its workers (called ‘Turkers’). She will explain who crowdworkers are, why they do this work, their expectations and relationships with ‘requesters’ (job providers) among other practical, emotional and ethical matters of crowdwork. She will share some insights from the field studies she conducted in India last summer and also from a project at XRCE, where her team, including Dr. Dave Martin and herself, have been studying US-based Turkers using virtual ethnography.

McKenna Sweazey Do We Still Need An SEO Agency?- Blurring The Lines Between SEO, PR, Content Marketing & Advertising

McKenna Sweazey, Field Marketing Manager, Taboola
What’s the role of SEO when content marketing takes centre stage? With brands starting to think and operate like publishers, and in light of the evolution of Google’s algorithms, we are forced to ask, is there still a need for SEO agencies? In this session we will discuss the role of SEO in the (new) content marketing world and share from our experience working with some of the world’s most innovative brands.

Matt Evans Stop Blind Marketing, Start Selling Through Content

Matt Evans, Senior SEO Executive, Pancentric Digital
There’s an old wives tale that says content marketing can’t do direct response, that social doesn’t sell products and content is only for SEO. It’s time to bust that myth and turn your awesome content strategy into a true marketing asset and make more money.

Anne Ratigan How To Win The Battle Of The Blogs

Anne Ratigan, Head of Media Content, Digitas LBi
Find out how to plan, write and maintain a successful corporate blog: covering everything from how to create planners and editorial style guides to working with bloggers.