Look Out 2014, We’re Coming Back!

Look Out 2014, We’re Coming Back!

Posted on: January 13th, 2014 by skippy


It's already been about 4 months since our last brightonSEO and that means there's another one, just around the corner!
We couldn't hold our excitement any longer and announced earlier this afternoon that our first brightonSEO of the year will be back in the Brighton Dome complex on Wednesday the 23rd of April for the training workshops, and Thursday the 24th of April for the main shebang (aka conference)!

"Oooh, what's that now? brightonSEO are being sneaky and moving the conference forward a day?"

I hear you ask. Well yes, yes we are.
We have something pretty awesome (if we do say so ourselves) planned for the Friday 25th April (yes don't worry, we're still giving you a reason to get out of the office and get down to the seaside for a long weekend). As sneaky is our middle name we will be keeping the plan for the Friday a secret for a wee while longer. Don't you just love surprises!
So block out your diary, keep your eyes open and make sure you're following us @brightonseo on twitter to make sure you don't miss out on information about ticket releases, or on finding out the big news!
Oh, and we've also released the first 11 of our awesome speaker line-up too!

Caliber celebrates fifth birthday at brightonSEO

Posted on: September 6th, 2013 by skippy


Content marketing, SEO and social media specialists Caliber are once again supporting Brighton SEO and it’s a big moment for the guys as they celebrate the company’s fifth birthday.

Founded in 2008, the company has grown from CEO Jonny Scott’s studio to become a successful agency with offices in London, Edinburgh and now Dubai, working with well-known companies both in the UK and abroad.
The Caliber team will once again be a force to be reckoned with in Brighton, hosting roundtables, giving presentations and supplying the whole conference with a fine selection of pick ‘n’ mix and retro crisps.
On Thursday evening, Scott will be joined by Director of Strategy Mike Briggs in hosting a roundtable on “Link Building and Relationships” while Head of Content Josh Englander and experienced SEO Andy Travers will host the “Content Marketing” roundtable.
On conference day itself, Content Marketing Strategist Alessandro Brunelli will be giving a presentation on “International Social Marketing” while COO Tony Samios will give an insight into “Actionable Content Marketing and Strategy”. Mike Briggs will then be in action again as he gives a seven-minute lightning on “Multi-channel Technical SEO”. Check out of the Caliber speaker biographies here.
Throughout the whole day, the Caliber team will also be manning their legendary pick ‘n’ mix stall where there will be free sweets for everyone and chance to win even more through one of their no-doubt fiendish competitions.
CEO Jonny Scott said: “We’re delighted to support Brighton SEO where the entire industry can get together, learn from each other and have a couple of beers. We fully intend to be here, meeting friends old and new, when our tenth birthday rolls around.”
Happy Birthday Caliber, and we look forward to seeing you in Brighton! Wish the guys a happy birthday @caliberi or on Facebook.

Lunch Deals for brightonSEO

Posted on: September 2nd, 2013 by skippy


Each conference we get in touch with some of the cafes and restaurants near-by to see if we can make the decision of where to eat in your precious 90 minute lunch break! Of course you can be a bit exciting and try something tucked away in the lanes, or one of Brighton's many pubs or seafood restaurants, but if you want the decision made for you-here are a couple of places you can get a discount when you flash your pretty brightonSEO lanyard.

Coffee Break?

Cafe Coho

Cafe coho is a local, independent cafe serving Union blend coffee. With a location right next to the station which you'll pass on your walk down to the dome, and another not too far from the venue in Ship St. They'll be offering 10% off coffees all day for anyone who quotes "BrightonSEO" when ordering.

Where is it?

  • 83 Queen's Rd, Brighton (Next to fitness First visible from Station)
  • 53 Ship St, Brighton (Perfect prior to a wander through the lanes at lunch time)

  • Feeling Italian?


    Strada is located literally minutes from the dome, and is offering lanyard holders 20% off all food on Friday! It's where the Brighton Digital Females head for lunch so ladies, remember to flash those lanyards!

    Where is it?

  • 160 - 161 North St, Brighton

  • Al Duomo

    Al Duomo has one of the best locations of the lot, right at the entrance of the pavilion gardens. This is the venue we use for lunch for those booked into the Workshops, and on the Friday as well they're offering attendees 25% off!

    Where is it?

  • 7, Pavilion Buildings, Brighton

  • Something else?


    Now if Italian isn't taking your fancy Giraffe may be able to offer something more up your alley. Better still, they're offering 25% off for attendees!


  • Valid in giraffe Brighton on Friday 13th September 2013 only.
  • Discount is on food only and does not include service.
  • One discount per table/bill max 8 people.
  • Not valid with set menus or with any other discount or promotion.
  • Offer is not transferable and there is no cash alternative.
  • Brighton SEO lanyard must be presented on ordering.
  • giraffe reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time.
  • Where is it?

  • 15 North Road, Brighton


    Thanks to everyone who took part in the Calltracks Roller Racing Competition! We sure had good old fun watching those of you who spun those roller racing wheels as fast as they could!!


    We’re happy to announce the following results for the Calltracks Roller Racing Competition are



    Men’s results:


    Race distance in metres 500
      Men’s Results Age Time KPH MPH RPM
    1 Alan Dowell 27 24.34 74.0 46.2 186.7
    2 Mark Ferguson 39 25.40 70.9 44.3 178.9
    3 Sam Clarke 17 25.54 70.5 44.0 178.0
    4 Rich Kirk 28 25.58 70.4 44.0 177.7
    5 Ali Moghadam 26 26.62 67.6 42.3 170.7
    6 Kelvin Newman 29 26.74 67.3 42.1 170.0
    7 Bobby Lewis 25 27.06 66.5 41.6 168.0
    8 Yoddi Papa 31 27.38 65.7 41.1 166.0
    9 Tom Edmondson 32 27.58 65.3 40.8 164.8
    10 Felix Marsh 32 27.58 65.3 40.8 164.8
    11 Kunal Sharma 25 27.76 64.8 40.5 163.7
    12 Andy Leggett 33 27.80 64.7 40.5 163.5
    13 Will Kidger 23 27.90 64.5 40.3 162.9
    14 Harris Kersh 21 28.08 64.1 40.1 161.9
    15 Tom Bourlet 25 28.64 62.8 39.3 158.7
    16 Ben O’Neill 25 28.72 62.7 39.2 158.3
    17 Chase Richards 27 29.82 60.4 37.7 152.4
    18 Harry Gardiner 22 30.06 59.9 37.4 151.2
    19 Alex Farran 39 30.12 59.8 37.4 150.9
    20 Lee Davies 29 30.32 59.4 37.1 149.9
    21 Juan Ortiz 30 30.74 58.6 36.6 147.9
    22 Ervin Cenmurati 29 30.92 58.2 36.4 147.0
    23 Jonah Berger 35 31.35 57.4 35.9 145.0


    Women’s results:

    Race distance in metres 500
      Women’s Results Age Time KPH MPH RPM
    1 Lucy Scanlon 28 29.46 61.1 38.2 154.3
    2 Claire McEvoy 28 29.90 60.2 37.6 152.0
    3 Andrea Hasser 31.16 57.8 36.1 145.9
    4 Amy Harris 35.13 51.2 32.0 129.4
    5 Helen Beckingham 49 36.81 48.9 30.6 123.5




    Sad you missed out?....Don’t worry Roller Racing will be back again in September!!


    BrightonSEO Pre Party!

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    For those of you who will be in Brighton Thursday night, we have booked a couple of tables and are looking to overtake the North Laine brewery on or around  around 8 30.


    There'll be no money behind the bar or anything like that, just a nice venue with decent company.

    Come and meet us there for a few pints and kickstart BrightonSEO properly.

    BrightonSEO Lunch Guide

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    With so many cafes and restaurants to choose from in Brighton, the decision of where to eat during the lunch break can be a little overwhelming; we thought we’d try and make the choice a little easier. A number of Brighton cafes and restaurants have been kind enough to put together a special lunch discount scheme for all BrightonSEO attendees on Friday 12 th April. Simply flash your funky BrightonSEO lanyard when you order at any of the following cafes and restaurants and they’ll put the discount through for you.


    1. Gourmet Burger Kitchen -25% discount on Food

    Fancy a burger? Nice, Quick and Easy. Gourmet Burger Kitchen is only a 5 minute walk from the dome and is offering BrightonSEO attendees 25% off all of their food. Enjoy a walk through the lively Gardner Street and after you eat, you’ll have time to explore the famous Brighton Lanes before heading back for our afternoon sessions.


    The Low Down

    Cuisine: Choose from a wide selection of freshly made burgers or salads.

    Dietary Requirements: Veggie options available, along with limited Gluten free and vegan options.

    Price Range: With the discount, burger prices will range from about £5-£9

    Address: 44-47 Gardner St, BN1 1UN

    Contact: 01273 685895


    2. Pizza Express - 20% Discount on Food

    Maybe feeling more pizza than burger? Pizza express in Jubilee square is offering BrightonSEO attendees a 20% discount on all food. A massive selection of pizzas are available, a good option for a group wanting to eat together and share… but we won’t judge you if you hog a whole pizza to yourself either.


    The Low Down

    Cuisine: Italian, mainly pizzas

    Dietary Requirements: Veggie options along with limited Gluten Free and Vegan dishes.

    Price Range: With the discount you’re looking at under £10 for all mains.

    Address:A3 Block, Jubilee Street, BN1 1GE

    Contact: 01273 697691


    3. STRADA – 20% Discount on Al a Carte Menu

    Wanting Italian but maybe a bit more choice? STRADA on North Street is offering a 20% discount on food from their al a carte menu. Sit down to a pasta, risotto, pizza or other main option and grab a beer from the bar area. Hey presto-you’re refuelled and ready for the afternoon schedule.


     The Low Down

    Cuisine: Contemporary Italian

    Dietary Requirements: Will be catered for where possible

    Price Range: With discounts Prices for main meals will range from about £6.50-£14

    Address: 160-161 North Street, BN1 1EZ

    Contact: 01273 202070


    4. Al Duomo - 20% off Food Bill

    Fancy lunch in view of the Brighton Pavilion? Al Duomo is located in Pavilion Parade and is also offering BrightonSEO attendees 20% off their food bill. Enjoy a wide selection of traditional Italian dishes in the restaurant, or if we’re lucky enough to get a nice splash of Sunshine, get your food to takeaway and sit and eat in the Pavilion Gardens.


    The Low Down

    Cuisine: Traditional Italian

    Dietary requirements: Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free options available

    Price Range: With the discount you can eat for anything between £6-£15 (Most Pizza, Pasta and Risotto dishes are under £10)

    Address: 7 Pavilion Pde, BN1 1EE

    Contact: 07 710161562


    Nothing Floating Your Boat?

    Of course, there are endless other options, so if none of the above tickle your fancy, maybe duck into the lanes and try one of Brighton’s quirky, independent restaurants. Alternatively, there’s always the pub! You definitely won’t be short for choice, and hopefully won’t be disappointed!

    Coffee Discount at Cafe Coho

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    For those of you coming from the station on the Friday morning, and wanting an espresso coffee before the conference to wake you up, Café Coho, on Queens Road  (pretty much right in front of the station, next to Fitness First) is offering BrightonSEO’ers a 10% discount on the way to the conference on Friday.

    Just tell them you’re an attendee when you order and they’ll put through the discount on your coffee. They use a Union, Revelation Blend, and have loads of Teapigs tea selections. For anyone with any preferences or dietary requirements they also have Decaf beans, Skim, Almond and Soy milk available free of charge for anyone who asks.

    BrightonSEO After Party: Retro Style

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    After a day of keeping up with the latest in, and future of SEO, we thought we’d use the BrightonSEO after-party as an excuse to take a step back… okay a few steps back, into memory lane with a collection of 80s and 90s game machines!

    The games, sponsored by Liberty Games, aren't limited to pool and foosball tables either (although these will still be available). This year BrightonSEO is transforming into a post conference, full blown Arcade arena!

    Here’s a sneak peak at the games which will be available:



    Flintstones Pinball Machine

    Meet the Flintstones: Your modern stone-age family. Pinball is always a winner, and this machine features YABADABADOO noises!


    Cosmic II 60-in-1 Multi Game Arcade Machine

    If you’re doing an Arcade theme, you have to have one of these little beauties. 60 classic arcade games to choose from, all appearing just like they did when they were first released back in the 70s and 80s. Bring on Space Invaders and Pac Man!


    Cosmic III 350-in-1 Multi Game Arcade Machine

    If Pac Man and Space Invaders doesn’t have enough oomph, then these 350 original fighting games may be more your thing. With 350 to choose from just make sure you don’t hog the machine, spending more time scouring what’s available then actually throwing a KO punch.

    Strikeworth Aurora LED Football Table

    If the other machines are occupied, maybe get a couple of mates together for a friendly… or not so friendly… game of Foosball.

    Pro American Deluxe 6 foot Pool Table with Red Cloth

    When some people add up how many pounds they’ve put down and spent on playing pool at the pub, it could almost be enough to buy a pool table themselves! Maybe not as fancy as this quite lengthily named one though. Share the cues around and get your trick shots on.

    So hopefully this selection of games to take you down memory lane will keep the fun going into the night, A big thank you to Liberty Games and we're looking forward to finding out who the gaming stars are after the conference!

    Should your SEO business be taking on an Apprentice?

    Posted on: February 4th, 2013 by Kelvin 2 Comments


    In recent months I’ve been talking to the lovely people at DV8 Sussex who are a training provider who’ve been working with apprentices to prepare them for the world of digital marketing. I had no idea about some of the great SEO and Social businesses in the Sussex area who’ve taken on apprentices, so I asked Tara at DV8 if I could ask a few of the employers and apprentices about their experience and maybe persuade a few of you to explore the option of taking on an apprentice.... Read More →


    Many of you will know that when we started out with BrightonSEO we never had huge sophisticated plans, in fact those of you who were there for that first event will remember the wonky whiteboard that all the slides were projected on to and maybe even recall that we didn’t have a projector sorted until Andy Keetch, then at WiredSussex, came to the rescue.


    We’ve come a long way from that room above the pub, so far in fact, by our reckoning, the last BrightonSEO was the biggest search event in Europe. OK people pay hundreds or thousands to attend those other events but it’s nice to have more SEOs all in one building than any other event*.


    At the tail end of last year we tried to prove that BrightonSEO wasn’t just a fluke and launched a great spin off event dedicated to Content Marketing, it’s a fairly new specialism and not one with dozens of events, and it was in London rather good old Brighton, so it was well outside our comfort zone. We got some lovely sponsors, and sold out 450 tickets in four minutes, so that one’s firmly in the ‘nice things that happened’ column.




    So we had a big 2012 but we’ve got a bigger 2013, firstly I’m now working on nearly full time on BrightonSEO and the Content Marketing Show, in the past I fit it in around my other commitments at SiteVisibility but now it’s going to be my main focus. I’m still going to be involved at SV with training, innovation and strategy on key projects but the events business is going to be my main priority.


    And that’s not the only change, we’ve also taken on the excellent Charlotte O’Brien as Sponsorship and Partnership Manager. She joins us from our friends at Econsultancy; she’ll be looking after our sponsors, media partners and friends who help make BrightonSEO possible. Charlotte should be writing a wee blog post to introduce herself over the next few days but suffice to say I’m very chuffed to have her on board.


    Two big changes isn’t enough for us, we’ve also fledged the nest and got our own office. It’s a really cool art deco building that used to be the former terminal at Gatwick Airport, it’s actually got it’s own Wikipedia page, which I think it pretty cool…. The Beehive.




    And as we’ve got a bit more space for my growing collection of NERF guns  (any donations gratefully received) and it also means we can share our offices with Natasha Woodford and Tino of ClockworkTalent, the Search Marketing recruitment business we co-founded. Anyone looking for a career move or looking to hire - feel free to get in touch for a confidential discussion.



    So all in all it’s exciting times, that’s before I tell you about the awesome opening session we’ve got planned for April’s BrightonSEO.