Speaker Decks 2014

We always get bombarded with emails asking if we can share the presentations from our wonderful speakers, so we’ve got in touch with them all and collated as many of their slides as we can! We’re still chasing a couple, so keep your eyes on this space and feel free to email Skippy on aisha@roughagenda.com with any specific decks you’re after and she’ll let you know as soon as they’re up!

September 2014


Brighton Dome

Ian Miller – Predicting the future of Google, and why it’s no longer a search company
Matt Roberts – Why we all need to study momentology
Stephen Croome – Illustrated marketing concepts
Aleyda Solis – How to leverage content curation, build links and grow your search visibility
Laura Crimmons – Breaking SEO out of silos with PR & marketing
Kirsty Hulse – Earning links through audience segmentation
Gisele Navarro – 72% of Internet users do not speak English: International outreach
Matthew Brown – Structured data and rich snippets: What’s left
Jan-Willem Bobbink – The semantic web & structured data, a journey into the unknown And for extra information provided by Jan, click here
Dawn Anderson – The Owl and the Hummingbird: Make ontology work for you
Marcus Tober – The evolution of Search in a post Hummingbird era – Coming Soon

Old Courtroom

Gary Moyle – One Click Curve to Rule Them All
Alec Bertram – What’s wrong with the current CTR curves
David Whatley and James Robinson – Local SEO VS. Organic SEO – their similarities and differences
Aaron Friedman – Bringing sexy back: How a story can enhance your data and client relationships
Emma Haslam – Do you know the real story you data is telling you or are you still stuck reading a fairytale?
Alexandra Tachalova – advertising analysis: Beyond the numbers.
Daniel Kershaw – I’m Drunk … Karaoke Drunk #donttryspellingksraokdrunk
Shelli Walsh – Creativity and thinking skills can dramatically improve your online marketing
Andy Miller – The secret to newsworthy content
John Hutson – Becoming a publisher: Creating high quality content at pace
Matt Beswick – Content is just the start: How paid traffic can enhance any search campaign

Studio Theatre

Dipesh Pattni – Programmatic Content: Is this the future of content?
Dan Patmore – How to get your boss to care about canonical tags: A lesson in SEO Persistance – Coming Soon
Jon Earnshaw – Cannibalisation: The SEO’s biggest nightmare and how to identify it
Tom Bennet – Log file analysis: The gateway to assessing crawl behaviour
Adrien Menard & Annabelle Bouard – How well does Google know your site?
Tom Whittam – Proactive measures for good site health
Gerry White – Hacking Google docs to detect and diagnose penalties
Nikki Rae – Auditing your Analytics Set Up
Lukasz Zelezny – Effective visits – why they are more important than visits
Dara Fitzgerald – Enhanced eCommerce and Data Import for Google Analytics
Adam Lofting – Working with numbers and people

And for those of you wanting to rewind even further, here are the decks from April’s conference:


April 2014


Brighton Dome

Malcolm Coles – How I earned loads of links by ignoring SEO
Stacey Cavanagh – The Habits that Land you Links
Vicke Cheung – Tips for Designing Great Content
Patrick Hathaway – Cool Shit You Can Do With WordPress Here’s a bit extra to read about Patrick’s talk: Extra Narrative
Dixon Jones – Do links still matter in 2014
Rob Bucci – SERP Driven Case Study
Andrew Isidoro – Hacking the Knowledge Graph
Tim Grice – Engagement & Brand Awareness as Ranking Signals
Adrian Durow – Think Eyes… Not Just Keywords
Lightning Talks:
Pete Campbell – Native Advertising: The Secret Weapon of Content Marketing
Ali White – Make more money by integrating your data
Shaun Russell – How to steal your competitor’s lunch
Tony Dimmock – Pre-Qualifying and Winning New Clients
Nick Garner – You are what Google says you are
David Whatley – Local Listing Optimisation
Danny Richman – Helping Online Businesses at the Prince’s Trust
Tom Bennet – Hand Coding A Website

Corn Exchange

Kate Dreyer – The Global Site Migration Monster – A Case Study
Damian Koblintz – Beyond the Hreflang Tag – The Practical Challenges of Internationalization
Gemma Birch – Facebook Who? The Lesser-Known World of Social Media
Dara Fitzgerald – The State of Universal Analytics
Dr David Sewell – Google as predator: the evolution of search
Ammon Johns – Value Your Data – Knowledge is Power
Mat Morrison – Datanoodling for fun and profit
Carolyn Jones – Link prospecting: step away from the search engine
Rebecca Lee – Tried and Tested PR Hacks For Awesome Content Marketing
Matthew Barby – Harnessing the Power of Influencers
James Owen – What I have Learnt From Building A Bot To Crawl The Web
Julia Ogden – How journalistic principles will shape the digital marketing of tomorrow
Matt Evans – Using Content For Direct Response
Anne Ratigan – Why Blogging Still Matters
Mike Essex – The Content Marketing Blueprint For Boring Industries

Studio Theatre

Tony King – Breaking Bad SEO – The Science of Crawl Space
Dawn Anderson – Crawl Optimisation For Maximum Impact
Bastian Grimm – The Need for Speed: How to make your website REALLY fast!
Pete Handley – SEO Auditing Checklists & Processes
Jon Earnshaw – Ecosystems in the age of semantic search
Kunle Campbell – Hummingbird-Proof eCommerce SEO Planning Kunle has also provided a video which compliments his slides and talk: Extra Video
Lukasz Zelezny – Track your keywords position like a boss
Rich Kirk – SEO in the bigger picture
Matt Roberts – SEO for Brands in 2014
McKenna Sweazey – Do we still need an SEO Agency?
Jose Truchado – Is responsive the solution to all our mobile problems
Matt Fielding – How to Deliver Cheap (Not Nasty) SEO Matt has also provided an extra narrative to compliment his talk: Extra Narrative
Ned Poulter – Automate Your Way to Productivity
Neha Gupta – Why do people Mechanical Turk?