Cosmin Negrescu – SEOmonitor

What makes a good SEO strategy?

Cosmin is the CEO and founder of SEOmonitor, an award-winning software product that brings a new and improved way of measuring and predicting SEO performance. Interested in the online and technology areas since college, Cosmin started his entrepreneurial path at only 19, when he launched a digital marketing agency. Years later, that agency became the largest SEO agency in Romania and the developer of SEOmonitor.

In 2016, the platform won The Best Software Innovation Award at the European Search Awards and, in 2017, it was shortlisted as the Best SEO Suite in the same competition. In addition to his work at SEOmonitor, Cosmin is an active partner at Fribourgcapital.com, a private equity and venture capital firm.

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What makes a good SEO strategy?

The level of competition determines the level of the challenge in marketing. And the greater the challenge, the more important the strategy. SEO is by far the digital marketing channel with the highest competition. It is the only channel where all the brands are (proactively or not) fighting for visibility in the search engine. And […]