Rodolphe Quenette – Authoritas

Turning around Search Visibility Using Machine Learning

Over the past few years, Rodolphe has been working with Fortune 500 companies (Renault Nissan, BNP Paribas, Rakuten Group…) helping them design and implement digital transformation programs around themes such as the exploitation of digital technologies to improve operational efficiency, SEO, customer experience, and new ways of interacting with customers (cross-channel, mobility, social). Passionate about new technologies (Machine Learning, BI, Big Data …), he firmly believes in the power of the intellect and imagination to solve problems considered insurmountable.

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Turning around Search Visibility Using Machine Learning

Authoritas teamed up with the SEO team of PriceMinister.com to build an automated approach to devising and automatically implementing a winning SEO and content marketing strategy at scale across millions of keywords from the Web Graph. This resulted in a 41% increase of organic search visibility in 5 weeks.