Most common questions about training

What day is the training? My ticket says the 15th?

Training is on the 14th September, the day before the conference.

What time do the courses run?

Registration is at 9.30am. The first session starts at 10.00am and the training finishes at 4.00pm.

Do you provide lunch?

Yes, lunch will be provided onsite, at the same location as your workshops. If you have any special requests or allergies, please email [email protected]

Is there parking?

Yes, more info here.

What should I bring?

We’ll provide pen and paper,  not all trainers require you to bring a laptop, but we suggest you do in case.

Do we need to queue at the conference on the next day?

No, make sure you collect your wrist bands and lanyard when you register for your training and don’t forget to bring them the next day! Just show security and walk straight in.

Do we get a goodie bag?

Yes, head to the Friends stand, it will be near the cloakroom.

What if I am ill and can’t attend?

This happens! We can transfer your ticket to September’s event, on the 14th.

Have another question?

You could take a look here. If you still need help email [email protected]