Using APIs to Build SEO Tools Workshop

In just one day you’ll master building your own SEO Tools using APIs.

Build your own Agile SEO tools using APIs

Dom Hodgson – CEO, EmberAds
September 13th – Brighton


What You’ll Learn


There’s never been more access to SEO data and tools, but what if something off the shelf doesn’t solve your particular need? We are going to take you from zero to a small application to help you with your SEO campaign. Learn to make use of the numerous SEO APIs out there that can make your life easier.

No previous experience required, all you need is a laptop that works, either windows or osx and you’ll get a solid base of which to build on…


These aren’t bog standard training courses, delivered by full time trainers, who know nothing about real life, they’re entirely bespoke and put together to solve your problems and make your life easier.

Never more than twenty five attendees to make sure all your questions and queries get answered


Who Should Attend?

You’re probably the inquisitive problem solver in your SEO team, tasked with understanding how and why some websites rank and why others don’t. You’ll probably have played about a bit with APIs and maybe built a few fancy spreadsheets to pull in SEO data, but want to build something for robust and intelligent.


About the Trainer

Dom Hodgson is CEO of EmberAds, a brand new startup which is going to make online advertising a bit less rubbish. He’s also Head of Jelly Babies of Click N Mix, a fantastic way to buy sweets online


Dom runs the awesome Think Visibility conference which Kelvin has said he is allowed to plug three times and that’s it…. He’s also won awards at time limited coding events – Charity Hack (1st Prize), Warblecamp (1st Prize), Charity Hack 2010 (1st Prize), Charity Hack 2011 (3rd Prize), Paypal Innovate 2010 (1 of 4 winners), DotGovLabs Weekend (Rewired State Award)


Just wanted to let you know that Richard and I thoroughly enjoyed the coding workshop today, we both learnt a lot and I’m looking forward to using today’s knowledge a lot in the future. I think it is a great addition to an already fantastic conference.

Anna Lewis

Digital Marketing Executive – Koozai



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In just one day you’ll master building your own SEO Tools using APIs.