Every event we organise we get more and more attendees from further afield, which is great news but does mean we’re often asked to recommend particular hotels. It’s tricky because Brighton has hundreds of places to stay, below are a few we recommend.


A few of the more observant of you may realise the links below are affiliate links, which means if you book through the links below you effectively buy someone a drink at the after-party. How’s that for good karma.



The Granville Hotel

Granville Hotel

BrightonSEO doesn’t have an official hotel, but if we did it would be the Granville. It’s where a bunch of the speakers are staying, making creepy stalking that much easier.


It’s a nice independent hotel that’s about a ten minute walk from the conference venue and right on top of the West Pier. Being that close to one of Brighton’s iconic landmarks is good news, as a local byelaw dictates that all visitors to take a picture of it (preferably using Instagram)


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MyHotel Brighton


If this hotel was any nearer the conference venue we’d be able to hear you snoring if you accidently have a lie in. It’s quite fancy place on their website they describe themselves as “where Freddie Mercury meets the Maharishi” I don’t know what that means, but it’s got a really good reputation.


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jurysinn brighton
One of the best ‘chain hotels’ in Brighton. It’s not smack bang in the centre of Brighton, but very easily walkable and mega close to the station which is handy if you’ve overslept and are booked in a specific train back home.


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