You can check out this session on October 2, 2020

About this Session

Join this session to discover the best keyword research tools on the market today, and use them to steal real business from your competition. Rumble will demo for the first time his approach to keyword research and the best way to present it along with a full set of templates and techniques, to create a completely airtight keyword research and SEO strategy for 2020 and beyond. His session will be packed full of takeaways, quotes, tools, how-tos, and formulas.
It isn’t just about keyword research and doing it very well, it’s about being at the epicentre of business intelligence within your organisation – which will revolutionise the way your company or client approaches their business. It’s about understanding your potential customers inside out, and knowing the competition better than they know themselves.
This session would suit advanced/intermediate SEO PPC peeps or anyone interested in having a completely bulletproof keyword research strategy to complement their business strategy.

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