You can check out this session on October 2, 2020

About this Session

This talk is about how to automate optimisation for features snippets, scraped answers and position zero results in search engines on a global scale and what it means for traffic and conversions.

Features snippets are a powerful tool web manager and content managers can use to efficiently deliver the most important information to search engines and dominate in search results. Leveraging the latest supported Schema markup and using content formatting proven to trigger featured results provides unparalleled opportunities to boost brand visibility and amplify organic traffic and conversions.

Google is continuously evolving, updating its list of supported features that are eligible to be displayed as rich organic results. These updates are exciting because they give proactive marketers new ways to affect how their organic listings appear in Google’s search results and how much traffic they generate. To make things even more interesting, some of this year’s new Schema types and algorithm advancements offer the unique opportunity for marketers to drive exposure in more ways than just a click from an organic listing.

The attendees will learn how to leverage the latest supported features and automate this optimisation. Trying to secure a featured snippet for just one page may take days of work for a web and content manager. The talk will focus on how to work smarter and automate optimsation so that content editors don’t have to worry about the correct schema and semantic markup, and focus on doing what they do best.

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