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As an industry, digital PRs are facing an increasing issue of journalists and publishers giving brand mentions instead of links. Given that the majority of digital PR campaigns are primarily KPI’d on links, this is quickly becoming an increasingly difficult challenge to navigate.

But just how many publications are giving unlinked brand mentions and which sectors is this the most common in?

Every summer, Digitaloft surveys 100+ journalists to ask “what makes you link out from an article right now, rather than just mentioning the brand?” and, in this session, James will share the findings from this year’s research alongside data the agency has collected from an analysis of articles across major verticals in the UK press to determine which niches are more likely to see journalists link out and which are becoming plagued by brand mentions?

Alongside these findings, James will share top tips and a proven process for turning brand mentions into links, making earned coverage work harder to support SEO success.

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