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Mo Kanjilal

Mo Kanjilal

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88% of employees in the digital sector are from white ethnic backgrounds, and fewer than 40% of roles are held by women. What’s worse, though, is that the people from under-represented backgrounds that ARE working in the industry rarely feel able to contribute as much as their colleagues from dominant groups. The real issue is one of inclusion. By failing to attract, develop and empower a wide range of people, the sector is missing out on diverse perspectives and experiences. In an industry where innovation is key, we are failing to bring the variety of individuals to the table that will enable our organisations to come up with creative ideas and move businesses forward. In this talk, we will examine the reasons for this lack of diversity and inclusion; the difference between diversity, inclusion and belonging; why diversity drives innovation, success, future-proofing and profits; how organisations can create more inclusive environments; and what diverse individuals can do to develop a career within an industry that doesn’t currently represent them, but very much needs them!

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