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In a world that is much bigger than us, we need to give names to things to be able to understand and master them. We need to classify and focus on atoms to be able to master data, get evidence, apply models in a complex and interconnected Universe.

But it’s only when we look at the broader picture that we are able to really understand how things are connected and find new opportunities: this is the only way for us to find new opportunity for our civilisation to thrive, to understand how the Universe is expanding and the laws that govern our own world.

This is valid for every system we acknowledge, human built or existing. And it is the very same for the Digital Online Universe. Individualism and working in silos can bring short sighted results and it’s good to solving specific pressing day to day issues.

However, it’s only by joint effort and analysing things on a broader level – cross-channel- that you can find real opportunities. SEO, Social Campaigns, Affiliates, Paid, Newsletter campaigns are only aspects we focus on of a broader interconnected Universe. Then it’s only through the joint effort that you can find real opportunities.

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