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Steve Morgan

Steve Morgan

Freelance SEO Consultant

About this Session

More and more people are getting into freelancing – whether as a side-income alongside their day job at an agency or in-house, or as their dedicated full-time income. Freelance life is amazing, but it can also be very challenging. Whether you’re considering going freelance, have only just started out, or have been in the game for a while, this talk will give guidance on how/when to ‘take the plunge’ and how to prepare for it, doing sales & networking, the business side of things, how to keep sane and involved in the industry, growing into an agency, and more. While mostly focussing on SEO freelancing, the tips and advice will apply to all industries. so there will be something to take away for all. Steve has been freelancing in the SEO industry since 2013, and has been asking other SEO freelancers for their pearls of wisdom, to make it as relevant and useful as possible.

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