You can check out this session on April 12, 2019 at 4:10 pm - Auditorium 1


Marcus Tober

Marcus Tober


About this Session

We as SEOs know how important a good optimized website and the right content for short and long-term success in Search is. But nonetheless not many companies bake SEO into their development, product management and other related departments where SEO should be a priority. There are many decision makers that ignore SEO for various reasons.
In this session Marcus want to leverage Searchmetrics’ huge amount of historical data and present success stories in SEO. Companies that baked SEO into their DNA and that perform well in Search as well as in their business, like Tripadvisor, Cargurus, Nerdwallet, Moneysavingexpert or DotDash. Marcus will show how they likely did it and how that resulted in tremendous success. Many of the tactics are not part of the typical SEO repertoire, hopefully SEOs will see SEO with different eyes after the session. Adopted to each niche and success story, Marcus will also include the Ranking Factors in his talk.

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