You can check out this session on September 10, 2021 at 5:30 pm


Stacey MacNaught

Stacey MacNaught

MacNaught Digital

About this Session

You might be the best cold outreach pitcher in the world. But even with outreach emails as solid as yours, a hook as compelling and all the charm in the world, you’re competing with hundreds of upon hundreds of poor pitches in journalists’ inboxes every single day. It’s getting harder to be seen.
So let’s switch it up.
In this session, Stacey will talk about the problems with cold outreach and how to supplement that sort of activity with “Inbound PR,” – or tactics that land the same sort of press links without doing any cold outreach. She’ll talk about the mindset switch we need, time saving tactics and the tools she’s using to land more press links with a whole lot less content creation and outreach.

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