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Grecia Garcia, PhD

Grecia Garcia, PhD

Oban International

About this Session

Grecia will present practical advice on (a) how to start with UX and (b) how to integrate UX in SEO. It is likely that SEOers have already experienced some aspects of UX during their daily work. Nevertheless, Grecia will present something that covers key points on how to approach it sensibly.

Attendees will learn tips on how to start doing UX, get ideas on how to naturally integrate UX in their SEO deliverables, obtain resources that will help with their UX journey, and will be armed with some counter-arguments to UX-avoiding excuses.

This talk will be useful for those already advocating for UX within their organisations and those who are new to UX. It is also suitable for those doing digital marketing in-house as well as those in agencies.

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