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About this Session

A whistle stop tour of the role psychology and behavioural biases play within online search behaviour and in turn SEO. The talk will look to pull in definitions, theories, particular behavioural biases (such as the recognition heuristic, where the more we know a brand, the more we are prone to have more positive feelings towards it), real life examples of how this has been used for brands within the wider marketing landscape and SEO specific use cases on how they can be used for implementation, pulling in quantitative data where possible.

As humans we can be incredibly irrational when it comes to how we make decisions and it’s no different with our interaction and understanding of brands when we make a decision around them. Understanding how to tap into this irrationality can be massively beneficial to reaching our consumers and users when they are making their next purchasing decision, this talk will look to dive into how we can broach this from an SEO perspective, with the potential to improve click through and conversion rates.

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