You can check out this session on October 2, 2020


Natalie Arney

Natalie Arney

Alternative Airlines

About this Session

Since joining Alternative Airlines, Natalie has learned that despite not being a big name, and despite not having big investment, traffic to your site can be grown exponentially, and you can beat the big names in a very competitive market (travel), and make the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 list.
The talk will give tips on how smaller companies (not always SMEs, but just smaller brands) can grow using a well thought-out strategy, combining Technical SEO, Content, and Digital PR, alongside Partnerships, to compete with the big names in their industry. Strategy based, you will take away tips on:
Building an expert team from scratch
Prioritising tasks
Finding efficiencies
Focusing on what you do well
Selling the above to stakeholders (if necessary)

Despite being in house, this talk can also apply to agency side, particularly those who have been given smaller clients and teams as a step up to management.

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