You can check out this session on April 12, 2019 at 2:30 pm - Syndicate 3 & 4


Lily Ray

Lily Ray

Path Interactive

About this Session

In the past year, EAT has taken the SEO world by storm. After Google’s August 1st update and the many aftershocks that came after it, many SEOs who saw huge performance declines have scrambled to learn what Google means by EAT and YMYL, and how to apply those learnings to their own marketing strategies. This session will offer practical tips you can use to implement EAT tactics to your own SEO campaigns, regardless of vertical. See what the data says about which tactics related to EAT are driving SEO performance in a post August-1st world.

Learn about the extent to which EAT components appear to be tied into Google’s current algorithm, and which elements are still only aspirational ideas we should consider for future SEO success. See what Google has said about EAT outside of what’s included in the Search Quality Guidelines, and Google’s own suggestions for success with maintaining and improving credibility and trust. Gain a philosophical understanding of why EAT is so important not only for Google but also for your own visitors, and prepare your sites to be able to evolve along with Google, as its definition for what “quality” means also evolves over time.

The session will offer practical tips webmasters and SEOs can use to reduce low-quality elements on their sites and increase the perceived expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness of their content.

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