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Martin McGarry

Martin McGarry

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Being a Digital Marketing Manager is a lot like being an elite pro football manager.

Jose Mourinho is a PPC Manager, with a massive budget buying instant traffic. Sam Allardyce is a Blackhat SEO, doing whatever it takes to stay on page 1. And Gareth Southgate has a progressive SEO project and he needs to be given time. All controversially successful digital marketing strategies in their own right, but why the football theme?

In this talk Martin discusses this disgustingly tenuous link between Football leadership styles and traffic acquisition, specifically how SEO needs to be respected as a progressive plan and not a quick fix and why long term targets are more important than your short term gains.

He details how his target setting methodology similar to that used by Gareth Southgate, has helped him overcome comparisons with instant traffic tactics, fend off forecasting fanatics, win over “The C-Suite” and halt those pesky ‘it depends’ questions from colleagues & clients.

This is a talk about being an SEO leader, owning your project and setting targets that are respected!

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