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About this Session

Log File Analysis is rarely touched on by the average SEO… but you’re missing out on data that is pure gold. Imagine not “guesstimating” how Googlebot and other crawlers behave on your website with traditional crawling tools, but actually knowing how bots behave. Imagine not having to play by the 1000 row limit in search console (without delving into the complex API) and having limitless data. Imagine being able to find out what those crawl anomalies actually are.

Well all this and more is possible with Log File Analysis, and Faisal will show you how in this talk. Here’s what we’re going to cover:

– How to actually getting the log files from clients and developers, and know the different scenarios you will face that will give you the wrong data.

– How to diagnose any crawling issue using simple but effective Log File Analysis techniques.

– How to use Python to automate 90% of the work (with scrips to download for free), or just use the techniques with your tool of choice. Don’t worry if you don’t have a tool in mind, we’ll be covering the best options too.

– How to understand crawling like a search engine psychic so you can see the damage from low value-add URLs, infinite crawl space issues and more.

So if you deal with clients having crawling issues, or want to learn and test Googlebot to become a better SEO, this talk is for you.

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