You can check out this session on September 13, 2019 at 10:25 am - Syndicate 3 & 4


Solenn Boulic

Solenn Boulic


About this Session

As the AMP Project expands to more distribution platforms across every imaginable industry, it is more important than ever to track success. AMP Analytics captures user engagement data from your AMP’d site by tracking any type of page content, including clicks on links and buttons, length of scroll, and social media engagement. In this talk, we’ll start with the pros and cons of using third-party analytics tools through AMP’s analytics vendors or using your own in-house solution. From there, we’ll journey through unlocking advanced concepts, debunking misconceptions about the tool, and sharing stories from companies that have supported an AMP analytics integration. We’ll end with what’s ahead for the future of the analytics ecosystem.

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