You can check out this session on September 13, 2019 at 4:50 pm - Auditorium 1


Aysun Akarsu

Aysun Akarsu


About this Session

What are web servers? What are main web servers today? What are web server logs? What type of SEO data can be found in web server logs? How web server logs can be helpful in crawl-first SEO? Which crawl-first SEO metrics can be calculated by web server logs? How to identify web server of your clients before receiving them? Which questions to ask your client before collecting logs? How to be sure of the quality of collected SEO data through them? What do we need to analyse web server logs? What is crawl distribution? How to deal with missing data in crawl data analysis? How to decide how many days of logs needed to calculate principal crawl-first SEO metrics? These are the quick questions which came to my mind when I think about web server logs as technical SEO key data source. I will answer them in my talk.

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