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About this Session

Working exclusively with eCommerce websites across a whole range of CMS, we’ve seen (almost) everything, from accidental overnight noindexing of entire websites, to broken dynamic rendering stopping only poor Bingbot from crawling a site.

But what we find most fascinating are the trends that arise most frequently, often transcending the boundaries of website size, niche, and brand:
– What opportunities do most eCommerce sites miss?
– What problems are frequently holding eCom brands from product goldmines?
– What have we found to be the most effective ways of selling the ROI of SEO and getting our recommendations implemented above the inevitable development backlogs?

This talk aims to outline what we’ve learned about the most common issues and opportunities eCommerce websites face, with data-backed examples of what websites can do today to boost SEO and make an immediate difference in organic traffic and revenue.

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