You can check out this session on September 28, 2018 at 11:45 am - Meeting Room 1


Arianne Donoghue

Arianne Donoghue


About this Session

One of the (many) issues facing us in digital right now is a lack of diversity, including gender where recent stats estimate that only 26% of people working in our industry are women. Something that might be holding women back is a fear of failure and taking risks.

In this session, Arianne will talk about how we should not be scared of failure, and why we should embrace it, using her own history of epic fails as a backdrop. She’ll also give actionable tips and advice to women who are early in their careers – about things they can do to gain confidence, build their networks and make their voices heard.

While aimed at women, this talk is really for anyone who has struggled with confidence and has a fear of failure, regardless of their gender!

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