You can check out this session on October 2, 2020


About this Session

Speaking from experience of growing an SEO agency from 5 to 45 people within 3 years, and from seeing the impact first-hand of how culture has helped Blue Array scale rapidly, this talk would look at why it’s vital to put the right foundations in place to create a high performing team before worrying about the SEO tactics you might use. This includes bringing in the right people, establishing good working practices and building a great culture in order to perform as effectively as you can.

The right attitudes and motivation within a team can empower everyone to do their best work – establishing a culture and common goals can then lead to getting results for clients or your business.

Attendees would take away ideas for how they can contribute to a great culture, including delivery and communication standards, feedback loops, progression and development plans, as well as why shared core values should underpin everything you do.


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