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Another event is over and the time has come to share the decks from our excellent cohort of speakers from the most recent event.
There’s a few missing but we’ll be adding more as we gather them.


Raj Nijjer – AI and Structured Data: How Voice Search Raises the Stakes for Businesses | Video
Purna Virji – Keywordless Searches: How Your Camera is the New Search Box | Video
Will Cecil – Developing an enterprise level SEO data strategy – challenges and experiences from the frontline | Video
Tom Capper – Links & rankings: The story in the data
Claudia Higgins – Getting the most out of the SEO data you can get for free
Malcolm SladeBrand: The Only Future Ranking Factor
Neill Horie – SEO & Artificial Intelligence Optimisation
Lotty Chudley – Persuading Consumers to Part with Their Cash: Tips & Tricks for Conversion
Laura Hogan – Utilising Search Console for SEO Quick Wins
Marco Volpe – How to create your own dynamic remarketing
Sam Vandermark – Looking beyond paid search for better biddable results
Daniel Rowles – Mobile first indexing – what it means to you in practice
Zak Edwards – Don’t be Awesome! Just be alright at everything!
Alina Ghost – Managing SEO in a Complex Business
Sophie Moule – Using Search Data to Inform Business Strategy
Marcus Tober – Why SEO and Content Marketing must always be data-driven | Video
Tom BennetMeasuring Content Success with GTM | Video
Julia Ogden – The 8 Step Checklist for Creating a Show Stopping Distribution Plan | Video
Adrian Phipps – How to rank in the answer box | Video
Polly Pospelova – How to take advantage of Google using Usage Metrics for rankings | Video
Sam Auchterlonie – How to hack your SERPs using a lean approach | Video
Alexandra Lever – How partnerships and sponsorships can help your search marketing effortsVideo
Sam Charles – How to Build High-Quality Links Without Spending Money | Video
Christoph Cemper – 5 Years of Google Penguin | Video
Rory Sutherland – Are we creating a culture where it pays to be boring? | Video
Anita Valentinova – Power of simple – Python scripts to automated SEO checks
Philip Gamble – Technical SEO beyond the initial audit
Charlie Whitworth – How To Combat Crawl Bloat & Prune Your Content Effectively
Sean Butcher – So You Think You Know Canonical Tags?
Janet Plumpton – How to use XPath for eCommerce Websites
Omi Sido – Beyond the Basics of Website Migration: Tried, Tested & Successful
Greg Gifford – Advanced Local SEO Tips to help you murder your competitors
Barry Adams – Google AMP Case Studies
Bastian Grimm – Beyond the bullshit: 3x Hardcore Site Speed Optimization Techniques
Tony Lu – How realtime dashboards can help you make better decisions.
Al Wightman – How can Google Data Studio help me?
Alban Gérôme – Easy page element tracking with Kermit
Sophie Turton – The psychology of language for PPC
Tara West – How to boss Sequential Advertising in Facebook
David Cox – Needles and haystacks: The challenges of discoverability in academic publishing
Emily MacKenzie – SEO-Localisation Workflows for Continuous Delivery
Charlie Williams Shop it like it’s hot – Ecommerce content that’s worth a damn – BrightonSEO April 2017
Emily McLarenSite Migration: Avoiding Sticky Situations
Edward CowellUntapping the potential of customer advocacy and reviews
Thomas NowotnyBio-inspired computing and control
Oyin Bamgbose – Call Intelligence: Eliminate your conversion blind spot | Video
Emily MaceInternational websites and SEO – how to get it wrong in 5 easy steps
Ned Poulter Facebook Ads: Process, Targeting & Tools, then back again. In 20 minutes



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