We’ve been excitedly planning a return to in-person brightonSEO events and want to reassure you that we’ve been working hard to make sure everyone is, and feels, safe at our events. 

Conference & training entry requirements

We’re asking everyone to provide the official NHS confirmation email or text for a negative Lateral Flow Test to enter the event. You will not be able to enter the venue without this.

We think this is the best way to mitigate the risk associated with Covid-19.

You will be issued with a wristband to confirm you have met our entry requirement and that we’ve checked your negative test result. You must keep this on throughout the conference and parties to enable exit and reentry without having to be rechecked.

The wristband will be valid for 72 hours (3 days) from the time of the test. So, a test carried out on Wednesday morning is good for Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.

What about vaccinations?

We are not requiring people to be fully vaccinated to attend. You must provide a negative Lateral Flow Test result to enter the event even if you have been vaccinated.

Entry process

Before the event

  1. Allow enough time in advance of the event to order a Lateral Flow Test online or pick one up.

The morning of the event

  1. Bring your badge if possible for a much smoother and quicker entrance. This could be the version we email you to print yourself or a badge we posted you.
  2. Carry out your Lateral Flow Test before you leave for the venue. If positive DO NOT come to the venue, self-isolate and book a PCR test immediately.
  3. Register your negative test result on the NHS website.
  4. Look out for the confirmation of your negative result via email, SMS message or via the Covid Pass on the NHS app.

On arrival at the event

  1. Have your test result SMS, email or Covid Pass (showing the Lateral Flow Test result page) AND your conference badge ready to show us. Do not bring the actual test itself.
  2. If you are coming on multiple days please keep your wristband on throughout. A test carried out on Wednesday morning is good for Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.

If your test result and wristband expire before the end of the event we will need a new negative test result from you to issue a new wristband.

Experiencing symptoms or been asked to isolate?

You must not attend the event if you have Covid-19 symptoms or are required to self-isolate (because you have tested positive for Covid-19, are told to by NHS Test and Trace or the NHS Covid-19 app, as a condition of entry to the UK, or someone you live with has tested positive or has symptoms).

Early registration and Covid check

You can register early on Wednesday 8th September between 14.00 – 18.00 at the front (seafront side) of the Brighton Centre. Pop along to register for the conference and do your Covid check early to help smooth your entry on Thursday or Friday.

Lateral flow tests

You can order NHS Lateral Flow Tests online or pick them up from pharmacies and other testing sites. We recommend you order or pick up your tests as early as possible. 

Logging your test result

You must log your test result on the NHS website, which looks like this:

Screenshot of the 'report a covid lateral flow test result' webpage on gov.uk

Showing us your result confirmation

We want to see one of these options when you arrive (not the actual test or a photo of it or your solemn promise that you definitely did one). Please have it ready to show us so we can get everyone checked and into the event as quickly as possible.

Official SMS from the NHS

Screenshot of an SMS Covid test result from the NHS

Official email from the NHS

Screenshot of an email Covid result from the NHS

Results page in the NHS Covid Pass app (note that we need to see this screen, not the main page with the QR code on it)

Screenshot of the Covid Pass result page

Party entry requirements

Our speaker reception and parties organised by us are subject to the same requirement of a negative Lateral Flow Test.

If you have been to the Brighton Centre or a training venue in the day, had your negative Lateral Flow Test checked and already got your wristband, then you are sorted. This will be valid to enter the evening events.

If you haven’t been to the Brighton Centre or a training venue before attending an evening event you must follow the entry process described above and bring your negative test result confirmation to the party venue. It will be checked there, and you’ll be issued with a wristband. The wristband will be valid for 72 hours, e.g. if issued on Tuesday evening you will need to retest and get a new wristband on Friday morning.

Travelling from abroad

If you are entering the UK from another country to attend any of the events then please make sure you have fulfilled any travel requirements based on the current guidelines.

We also need you to follow our entry process with a negative Lateral Flow Test result for our events as described above. You can use the free lateral flow tests and log your result on the NHS website even if you’re not a UK resident.

Other safety measures

As well as checking the negative Lateral Flow Test of everyone at the event, we’ll be working with our venue partner the Brighton Centre to implement a number of measures to help keep everyone safe:

Our Covid promise – book with confidence

If you pay for a ticket to an in-person event in September and we can’t hold the event or you’re unable to travel due to travel restrictions into the UK or to Brighton we’ll convert your ticket to an online ticket and roll your ticket forward to our next event.

Other questions?

If you have any other questions you can email [email protected]

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