You know the story, brightonSEO started in a room above a pub….

Did you know that we’ve actually used quite a few of Brighton’s venues as the event has grown?

The first brightonSEO was on 19 February 2010 in a room above The Quadrant in Brighton.

A few months later the second edition took place in July at Brighton’s Community Base.

In 2011 we moved to the April & September schedule we all know and love. We were at the Sallis Benney theatre in April then the Corn Exchange for September.

In 2012 we shifted next door into the Brighton Dome Concert Hall, using only the stalls in April then expanding onto the balcony for September.

In 2013 we went multi-track using various spaces in the Brighton Dome before outgrowing it and moving to our current venue, the Brighton Centre, in September 2016.

Future dates

The next conference is on 2 October 2020 with our day of training workshops and fringe conferences on 1 October.

A glorious history

How many brightonSEOs have you been to?


brightonSEO 119/02/2010The Quadrant Pub
brightonSEO 223/07/2010Community Base
brightonSEO 301/04/2011Sallis Benney
brightonSEO 409/09/2011Corn Exchange
brightonSEO 513/04/2012Brighton Dome Concert Hall – downstairs
brightonSEO 614/09/2012Brighton Dome Concert Hall – both floors
brightonSEO 712/04/2013Brighton Dome Multi-Venue
brightonSEO 813/09/2013Brighton Dome Multi-Venue
brightonSEO 924/04/2014Brighton Dome Multi-Venue
brightonSEO 1012/09/2014Brighton Dome Multi-Venue
brightonSEO 1110/04/2015Brighton Dome Multi-Venue
brightonSEO 1218/09/2015Brighton Dome Multi-Venue
brightonSEO 1322/04/2016Brighton Dome Multi-Venue
brightonSEO 1402/09/2016Brighton Centre
brightonSEO 1507/04/2017Brighton Centre
brightonSEO 1615/09/2017Brighton Centre
brightonSEO 1727/04/2018Brighton Centre
brightonSEO 1828/09/2018Brighton Centre
brightonSEO 1912/04/2019Brighton Centre
brightonSEO 2013/09/2019Brighton Centre
brightonSEO 2117/04/2020Brighton Centre (postponed)
brightonSEO 2202/10/2020Brighton Centre

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