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Mark has been responsible for generating and producing viral content ideas that have earned (in total) more than 14,000 links, 1.4 million likes, and 18 million visits. The most successful of these have individually acquired more than 400,000 likes, 1,000 linking root domains, and 5 million visits.

Who should attend this course?

If your role involves creating content and you’d like to up your game or discover new techniques to help get your creative juices flowing, this course is for you.

What to expect

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Course Overview:

Lots of people believe that ideas just come to you, that the creative process is some kind of mystical thing, or that making things go viral ultimately comes down to luck. There can be a certain mystery to the lightbulb moment, but that overlooks all the work you put in to get to that point. And while luck can play a part, there’s lots you can do to massively increase your chances of getting lucky! Mark believes passionately the creative process can be broken down into clear, concrete and actionable steps. And he’ll show you how.

Detailed Course Overview:

In this course, you’ll discover:

  • How to find out what topics & formats resonate with your audience
  • How to come up with ideas
  • Where to look for inspiration
  • How to come up with ideas even if you don’t consider yourself creative at all
  • How to assess whether your idea’s any good
  • How to carve a clear and compelling idea out of a murky ambiguous one (they all start like that!)
  • How to sharpen your angle

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Hear more about the course including what it will cover and who should attend from our trainer in our taster podcast episode.

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I thought you’d like to know how your sessions are genuinely benefitting people and that your instructors are going above and beyond.
Matt Allfrey

Matt Allfrey
SEO Manager, iCrossing UK

Its always a great experience at Brighton SEO. The whole team learn something new from the industry leaders' experiences.
Danielle Easton

Danielle Easton
SEO Consultant, 22 Digital

I had a long wishlist of things I wanted to be able to do, It was clear from the start that the trainer was a real specialist who knows the topic inside out.
Rob Watson

Rob Watson
Head of Marketing, Glendinning Group

We attend every Brighton SEO (it's like our Christmas!)
Laura Slingo

Laura Slingo
Digital Campaign Manager, Seeker Digital

Duncan’s CRO training was fantastic. He demonstrated the conversion optimisation process in a methodical and engaging way, using relevant case studies and activities to bring it to life. I definitely left with a reinforced appreciation of how important CRO is for us and also the confidence to strengthen our own optimisation programme.
Sarah Wilhelmi

Sarah Wilhelmi
Head of SEO,

It's great to interact directly with industry experts in the SEM field, it also gives you the chance to ask some technical questions. I will be going to Brighton SEO again!
Brett Saltalamacchia

Brett Saltalamacchia
SEO Analyst, Lovehoney

BrightonSEO is THE ultimate event for anyone wanting to immerse themselves in talks from the leaders in both Search, Content and Influencer Marketing. The training sessions the day before are even more personal, supercharging you up with 1-2-1 coaching and getting under the bonnet with an expert.
John Sadeghipoor

John Sadeghipoor
Global Head of Digital Marketing, FitFlop

I've gained invaluable learnings and taken away actionable tactics and ideas for strategy formulation which I've been able to act upon almost immediately. The informal yet structured classroom style of delivery provided an excellent inclusive and engaging environment.
Dawn Anderson

Dawn Anderson
Director, Move It Marketing

So much background information and explanations provided together with clear detailed plans for implementing what was covered.
Mike Glaire

Mike Glaire
Director, Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue

The training at BrightonSEO gives you unique, small-group access to some of the best minds in the business who give you actionable tips to take away and improve how you do things straight away. Oh and you get a free lunch
Stuart Kerr

Stuart Kerr
Head of Digital, Liberty Games

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