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Adam Hobbs

Redu Retail

Caroline Oswald


Callum Kennelly

Incubeta NMPi

Nic Yates


Aftab Aslam


Charlie Hannibal

Airtime Rewards

Kate Knight

CJ Affiliate

Eniola Ogunbanwo


Heather Peebles

Reward Gateway

Steven Brown


Helen Southgate

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James Little


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Affiliate Huddle is a completely free, one-day conference dedicated to affiliate marketing and is back on Tuesday 7th September 2021 at the Brighton Centre.

Affiliate Huddle aims to be an event that shares knowledge, celebrates best practice and creates debate in a relaxed environment. Networking and meeting your peers is as much of the experience as talks delivered by leading experts.

New for 2021! Rekindle some old relationships and build new ones at our new meeting zone. Before the event you’ll be able to see who is attending and book in meetings at our dedicated meeting tables so register today to make sure you don’t miss out before the tables are gone.

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Covid safety measures

Affiliate Huddle and the after-party will be subject to our Covid safety measures. We’re asking everyone (including vaccinated people) to provide a negative lateral flow test result to gain entry so make sure you’ve ordered some. Find out more about our entry requirements at


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Talk Topics

The Pitfalls of Buying An Affiliate Site and 50 Checks To Carry Out with Rishi Lakhani

10:40 am | 20 minutes

With over 100 sites bought and sold in the course of my working life, I know a thing or two about what to look out for. Here I share a structured approach for looking under the hood.

Move Fast Without Breaking Things with Rob Davidson

11:05 am | 25 minutes

Ad tech is moving at a faster pace and with increasing complexity than ever before. For publishers and brands, the ability to keep up to date with all the latest developments often means taking huge risks; investing capital into new tech, re-skilling current staff, or acquiring solutions to stay one step ahead.

But thanks to an influx of new technology partners into the affiliate channel, businesses can access cutting-edge marketing solutions on a risk-free performance basis without resource-intensive integrations. By outsourcing innovation to experts in their field, the affiliate channel can supply advertisers and publishers with the ad tech they need, on demand and at speed.

In this session we'll look to identify what's driving this new trend within the affiliate channel, highlight some examples of businesses taking advantage of these solutions, and what it could mean for the future of the wider industry.

How to unlock the £7 Billion Gift Card Industry through your Performance Marketing Strategy with Adam Hobbs

12:00 pm | 20 minutes

A well managed Gift Card program will add between 3-6% of your brand's total revenue, with the current sector valued at over £7 Billion per annum in the UK alone. Despite this fact, with a few exceptions, most retailers are barely scratching the surface of the potential for this channel.

While gift cards are still seen as a B2C channel by those outside the sector, the real potential for growth lies in using your gift card to open up new opportunities. We will discuss how to setup your gift card program to take advantage of growing sectors like employee benefits, incentive marketing, sales promotions, brand partnerships and micro gifting.

Gift cards have been proven to drive incremental growth, not only opening your brand to new customers (over 40% of customers were introduced to a new brand due to a gift card), but also increasing basket value by an average of 30%. While traditionally a gift card program has been associated with huge fixed costs, increasingly there are opportunities to include your gift card within the performance marketing channel, paying on a CPA basis and working with innovative and fast growing partners.

Our session will walk you through examples of how leading brands have used their gift card to drive growth, support internal promotions and open up new incremental opportunities both online and instore.

The 3 Key Takeaways from this session:
Why Gift Cards sit well alongside your existing performance marketing activity.
How to use Gift Cards to unlock and optimise new channels.
How brands like Greggs, New Look, Hobbycraft & Jo Jo Maman Bebe use Gift Cards to drive incremental sales.

Presented by Adam Hobbs, Head of Retail Partnerships at Redu Retail. With over 10 years experience in the gift card sector, Adam has managed some of the largest gift card programs in the UK, including, Currys, Asda & New Look, he is also Vice Chairman of the Gift Card and Voucher Association.

BT’s mission to be fearless, customer-obsessed creators with Alex Parmar-Lee, Rachel Pearson and Jimena Vergara-Lincoqueo

12:20 pm | 15 minutes

BT’s newly formed digital unit and mission statement to be fearless, customer-obsessed creators who amplify growth signals a huge change in strategic direction for the BT Group. Through conversation we will delve into what the mission statement means in practice, and how the team plan to flow this through into their affiliate marketing strategy.

We don’t have all the answers and still have so much to learn from our publisher partners who are experts at focusing on their customer’s needs, but we have already learnt so much about maintaining a customer focus in a performance and targets driven channel. Let’s discuss the wins, setbacks, and challenges!

Yes, There's Still Time – Final Q4 Tactics from Your Favourite Conversion Driver with Caroline Oswald

12:35 pm | 15 minutes

The importance of Q4 has necessitated months of planning and prep to guarantee a competitive advantage. But why can’t affiliate strategies be as agile as those in other channels? Thankfully the dawn of plug-and-play innovation has made it possible to consider, review, and implement last-minute tactics that could make all the difference.

On a backdrop of retailers angling for profitable results over a period known for margin erosion, RevLifter’s Caroline Oswald will detail four worthy considerations for driving incremental, sustainable results as we enter the final weeks of Q4 prep.

Innovation Showcase

12:50 pm | 10 minutes

Innovation Showcase from Go Certify and UpSellit

Innovation Showcase

2:30 pm | 15 minutes

Innovation Showcase from Multiplicit, Envolve Tech and

Make Your Affiliate Product Feed Work Harder! with Callum Kennelly

2:45 pm | 15 minutes

Quickly becoming a foundation of performance marketing, using a product feed effectively can drastically improve how products are organised and shown to users across channels, and particularly in an Affiliate Network.

We want to show off some of the endless (and exciting) ways in which product feeds can be used to boost performance. External factors, for example, can often have a bigger impact on demand for products than even the most well thought out campaign. By accessing API's to identify and react to trends, we can use automation to feed this back to various channels, like an Affiliate Network, to help publishers make smarter decisions about when and where to promote brands’ products. Crucially, we'll highlight how brands can leverage feed optimisation on a pure CPA model!

What is a Mature Affiliate and Partner Marketing Programme? with Nic Yates

3:00 pm | 15 minutes

In 2019, a Forrester Report highlighted that brands with a mature affiliate and partner marketing programme see a competitive advantage and grow 2x faster than those that do not. In this session, Nic Yates will discuss what makes a mature programme and how brands can achieve it.

CLO - One Bold Step for Brands. One Giant Leap for Partnership with Aftab Aslam and Charlie Hannibal

3:15 pm | 15 minutes

Omnichannel solutions are not a new topic in the affiliate marketing space, but at least one category doesn’t get the credit it deserves. While it’s widely known that offers and coupons can greatly increase sales, revenue, average order value and even brand loyalty, it’s less understood that card-linking solutions can be a simple way for an advertiser to, not only garner all the benefits of traditional couponing, but create a process that is frictionless for all involved, whilst also gaining access to a great deal of useful consumer insight.

In this fireside session Aftab Aslam, Director of Customer Solutions (EMEA) for Partnerize is joined by Charlie Hannibal, Head of Sales at Airtime Rewards, to discuss how the process of CLO works and the exciting opportunity for transaction based data collection this innovative category is unearthing. Discover how brands are maximising their targeting capabilities and evolving programs with CLO partners to create seamless integrations to reward consumers and generate exceptional results.

Buy now, pay later - Transforming consumer habits through affiliate with Kate Knight

4:00 pm | 15 minutes

This session will explore the 'buy now, pay later' proposition within the affiliate channel and explore the effect that it has had advertiser strategies The rapid-paced digital transformation that COVID forced upon many brands has often expedited such partnerships, and Kate will consider what this means across Europe for a channel that's progressing at the speed of light.

A Masterclass in How Diversity Delivers Growth with Alex Springer

4:15 pm | 15 minutes

Showcasing a diverse array of partner types, Impact has the infrastructure to support different payment structures automatically. From affiliate marketing and social sharing to e-commerce-integration, Alex Springer, Regional Vice President EMEA, Sales and Solutions Architects at Impact will reveal how a variety of online marketing strategies will boost your sales from day one — with minimal work.

Diversity = growth!

Fireside chat with the Publisher Board with Eniola Ogunbanwo

4:30 pm | 15 minutes

State of the Nation Panel moderated by James Little

5:00 pm | 30 minutes

In this panel we chat to some industry veterans about where the affiliate marketing industry is now and how it’s likely to continue to evolve over the years ahead; from new partners to improved tracking and everything in-between. There will also be plenty of time for questions and audience participation.

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