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The Online PR Show is dedicated to successful digital public relations, outreach and influencer marketing.

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Talk Topics

Wins and Waking Nightmares of Selling Digital PR

Amie Sparrow

There are two types of Digital PRs: those who have been on sales pitches and those who haven't yet. Learn how to sell and upsell Digital PR - and how not to - in this very honest talk.

No Follow Links v Follow Links: The Lay of the Land in 2022

Cheryl Crossley

Since Google introduced its new no follow link attributes, earning follow links seems to be getting harder and harder. In this talk I'll explore what's changed and just what links you could expect to achieve (and where) in 2022 via Digital PR, as well as how to explain the value of no follow links.

Risk and reward in Digital PR

Hollie Hines

Ever been tempted to try something different, but held yourself back? Hollie's talk will inspire you to take 'risks', confront the mental challenges of working in digital PR, and push yourself to try and try again.

How to ideate for campaigns that don't need to be pitched to 1,000+ journalists

Iona Townsley

In this talk Iona will show you how to come up with creative content ideas that don't need to be sent to 1,000+ journalists to succeed. It'll explore creating content that people will be inspired to share on their own, as well as tips on the ideation process to ensure you're spending more time thinking and less time outreaching.

Bringing product led PR into the digital world

Laura Wilson

How to gain links for your retail clients who sell products by bringing a traditional PR tactic into the digital world.

Avoiding Boycotts & Backlashes: how to talk to your LGBTQ+ audiences

Lottie Maddison

When talking to LGBTQ+ audiences, many brands manage to f* it up and appear ignorant at best, tokenistic at worst, or just downright rude. Lottie offers a frank and informative 101 guide on how to communicate with LGBTQ+ audiences.

With more Gen-Z and millennials identifying as anything other than heterosexual than ever, now’s the time to get it right.

Reframing your content and digital PR strategy to help you right on the Search Page

Martin Fennon

The bulk of the conversation will be around how we can frame SEO and content to support digital PR efforts. Looking at opportunities to frame SEO support in a manner above just links and coverage

Productivity dysmorphia in digital PR and how to manage or overcome it

Megan Packer

Megan read an article surrounding ‘productivity dysmorphia’, and it really resonated with her. She'll be examining her experiences within the digital PR and creative sphere; identifying what it is, and providing insightful tips on how to overcome it in a work environment. We spend so much time striving for more, with pressures for productivity and hitting results always at the top of our agendas that, when we get a result, we focus more on what is to come rather than appreciating what we have done. With burnout, imposter syndrome, and work-induced anxiety affecting many, Megan hopes her talk is something you'll be able to benefit from!

Video in Digital PR: How It Can Elevate Your Campaign and Gain Links

Richard Paul

Tons of great digital PR campaigns are shared every week, but very few currently use video. The format however can be hugely beneficial in gaining your campaign more coverage, links and also targeting other areas such as social. Richard has used video for a range of successful campaigns, so this talk will cover some tips picked up along the way to make sure you can maximise results when outreaching video. This will include advice on pitching to video editors, why ‘b-roll’ is so important, why to consider using actors, as well as some things he's learnt from the fails!

The Value of Syndicated Links

Sarah Fleming

The value of achieving syndicated links has been hotly debated across the PR and SEO industry. With many sites continuing to give out syndicated links, this talk will offer tips on how to count syndicated links and measure its SEO value towards link building strategies.

Measuring linkbuilding: You’re doing it wrong

Tom Capper

We all know what a bad link looks like, but do we really know what a good link looks like?

Most people measure and KPI links with very blunt instruments (# of links above a certain DA, for example), but this has very little connection to how Google uses links in their algorithm, even historically, let alone today.

This talk will briefly recap the theory behind linkbuilding and why we do it, then explore what that ought to mean for measuring linkbuilding today.

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