Posted on 3rd August 2017 by bseo_admin in Podcast

This talk was originally delivered by Charlie Williams during a brightonSEO Conference.

You’ve got hundreds, or thousands, of products, constant new competitors and lack an army of copywriters to craft beautiful, bespoke product descriptions. E-commerce SEO isn’t easy; but with a bit of strategic thinking and a few tactics you can build a better shopping experience.

We’ll look at the questions we should ask to craft e-commerce content you can be proud of – that helps customers, ticks those search engine boxes for expertise, and reflects your brand.

Search veteran and content evangelist, Charlie works as part of the Screaming Frog team. A regular industry writer and speaker, Charlie love to share ideas on his specialties of content strategy, creative campaigns, technical SEO & keyword research.

Fascinated by content experiences and passionate about online business, you can find him talking content, UX, SEO & food on Twitter, or in the kitchen.

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