Why SEO and Content Marketing must always be data-driven


SEO and content marketing, as fields of operation, have grown together in recent years, and are now pretty, pretty tightly linked. However, there are still some voices in both “corners” stressing the importance of one discipline over the other – emphasizing SEO developments like mobile-first on the one hand, or RankBrain and other content-related factors on the other. Some content marketers even advance the view that content has become the only decisive parameter in the online game – implying that SEO is dead (again). In this session, Marcus Tober will explain, 1. why it is important to see both disciplines, SEO and content, as a bigger picture, combining the benefits of both to achieve higher goals, 2. how content marketers can learn from SEO’s strategic, data-driven approach, 3. how the process of content development can benefit from SEO expertise and why some technical ranking factors remain important – although universally applicable ranking factors can generally be considered dead!