Chris Green – StrategiQ

Robots: X, Meta & TXT

Chris is a digital marketing geek and experienced technical SEO who started out life writing SEO “copy” in the trenches back in the ol’ days. A closet data “enthusiast”, he enjoys a spreadsheet and spends far too much time looking at charts. Chris is Head of search at StrategiQ Marketing a fast growing marketing agency based outside of Ipswich, Suffolk. A recent member of the Future50, StrategiQ has been identified as one of the Region’s most innovative, rising companies.

My Sessions

Robots: X, Meta & TXT – The Snog, Marry & Avoid of the Web Crawling World

There are many ways to guide Google through your website, but which way is best? Chris will walk you through the X-Robots, Meta-Robots & Robots.txt and when it’s best to employ each busting some popular myths along the way.