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Budget Digital PR: How to get awesome press links for SMEs

Corinne is a former national news journalist and co-founder of Brighton-based media consultancy Full Story Media. Corinne’s digital PR campaigns gain hundreds of inbound links for her clients from sites like the FT, BBC and ITV, as well as universities and councils across the UK. With a passion for SMEs, Corinne often writes for sites like FSB Voice and Startups.co.uk. After ten years as head of content for award-winning digital agency atom42, Corinne now runs Full Story Media along with Jon Card, a business journalist for The Times, Guardian and Telegraph.

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Digital PR on a budget: How to get awesome press links for SMEs

Big businesses pay thousands of pounds to PR companies to get them great press. But start-ups and SMEs need the boost publicity can give just as much, and are sometimes more deserving of attention. With 15 years’ media experience, former national news journalist Corinne knows how to take blue-chip worthy campaigns and adapt them intelligently […]