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Using remarketing to activate and enhance client retention

Saija Mahon is the founder of Mahon Digital Marketing Ltd, an international, award-winning digital media agency that helps growing global businesses to achieve their sales targets by utilising advanced technologies and strategic tactics in the ever expanding online environment. After working for some of the biggest global media houses in the world, Saija decided to launch her own business in 2010, starting her journey as an entrepreneur from London, UK. Mahon Digital Marketing specialises specifically in biddable media, website optimisation, search engine optimisation, content marketing, social media optimisation and PR activities, and currently employs 14 people in total.

My Sessions

How to use remarketing tactics to activate and enhance client retention

Remarketing is a highly effective and cost effective way to activate and retain your engaged target audience. We will go through high impact strategies on how to utilise remarketing in the various channels available today, such as Google, Facebook and Twitter. Learn how to fully maximise your data and remarketing lists.