Sam Watts – Make Real

Introduction to VR: Past, Presence and Future

Sam is responsible for day-to-day management of the smooth running of the Make Real studio from projects, products and client liaison.

In between juggling resource plans, proposals and forecast budgets, he is busy attending events usually as a speaker to evangelise emerging technologies for learning and change through serious fun, such as Virtual and Augmented Reality.

With a strong passion for simplifying technology and uses for good, Sam has spent most of his career in the learning and gaming sectors ensuring that content and employment is accessible to all.

My Sessions

Introduction to VR: Past, Presence and Future


From the early concepts and components of immersive technology that lead us to where we are today, on the brink of a revolution of audience engagement and empathy, the talk will look at the various key moments of technology milestones, previous failed attempts, what makes good VR and what the uses are, with real world […]