Sophie Coley – Propellernet

How To Find Top-Notch Audience Insight in Search Data

Sophie leads on qualitative insight at Propellernet, having trained as a journalist before straying into the world of digital. She’s obsessed with putting real people at the heart of search and her work centres around digging for the purest, most telling insights which enable her to plan high-impact, award-winning, client-delighting campaigns that touch on SEO, PPC, PR, Social, Brand and beyond. She worked closely with the team behind AnswerThePublic.com to hone the tool’s outputs and is currently writing a book which aims to educate marketers about the customer insight that can be taken from search data.

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Answering The Public: How To Find Top-Notch Audience Insight in Search Data and How To Apply It

Search data and keyword lists are great, but behind every keyword is a real person; your work should focus on so much more than a set of high-competition terms, which Google has earmarked as high-volume because they generate big money in PPC ads. To win, you need a solid understanding of your target audience and […]