These terms and conditions represent the entire understanding between Rough Agenda and Attendees and supersedes all prior statements, agreements and understandings, oral or written, related to the Conference.

Attendee acknowledges reading and understanding ALL of the information contained in this document.

Over-subscribed Session

All of the sessions at brightonSEO are first come, first served. A number of the spaces used by the conferences have maximum capacities, this means you may not be able watch all of the talks if this capacity is reached.

Where VIP wristbands are held this only provides access to the reserved seating, it does not guaranteed access to sessions.


As an Attendee you acknowledge that Rough Agenda has made no representations or guarantees other than those expressed in this document. We specifically disclaim any other representations or warranties related to the Conference, including anything asserted or claimed by any speaker or exhibitor.

All advertised speakers are promoted in good faith, but we reserve the right to vary the speakers or agenda without prior notification.

Refund Policy

Enrolment is only guaranteed upon payment (applicable to paid tickets) in full and receipt of a completed registration/enrollment form via our booking site, Eventbrite (applicable to all tickets).

Due to strict limitations on the size of our Conferences, there are NO REFUNDS and ALL PAYMENTS ARE FINAL except as indicated below.

Payment may be made by credit card.

Payments by invoice must be received and a receipt issued by Rough Agenda to guarantee a place in the Conference.

Refunds will not the made for attendees who attend the wrong day of the event.

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellations made within 7 days of confirmed booking will receive a full refund.

No refunds will be given for any bookings made in the 14 days immediately prior to the event for which the ticket was purchased.

No refunds will be given if requested more than 7 days after the original booking.

Transfer of Tickets

Rough Agenda tickets are fully transferable.

You have the right to gift or sell a ticket for equal or lesser value than the original purchase so long as adequate notice (minimum of 2 weeks) is provided to us with registration details of the new attendee. These details include full name, job title, company, and email address.


Rough Agenda offers a 100% “Satisfaction” Money Back Guarantee on the the purchase of training/workshop tickets.

Within 7 days of completing the training, attendees have the right to request a refund if not satisfied with the training provided. A refund will be provided promptly.

No refunds will be issued if attendees fail to attend any or part of the training. No refund will be issued if requested more than 7 days after the completion of the training.

Delivery Policy

After purchase, you will receive a confirmation email once you have purchased or booked your ticket(s) via our ticketing platform, You need to make sure you enter your address accurately as this is where we send your entry badge. Name badges and lanyards are posted out two weeks before the event. If for some reason you do not receive yours, and provided you produce electronic or printed evidence of your registration, you will be issued with a blank name badge for you to write your name on at the registration desk on the morning of the event.


The materials presented during the Conference are copyrighted and owned by the presenter; Therefore, should attendees wish to access presentation slides, Rough Agenda can request this from presenters to share accordingly. It is also the right of the presenters to share their content privately or publicly through their own websites and/or social channels.

Limitation of Liability

Our liability to an Attendee for any reason will be limited to the amount paid by the Attendee to Rough Agenda for admission to the Conference. In any case, we accept no liability for the following:

Damage or loss to personal effects brought to the Conference, death or personal injury to any delegate attending the Conference not caused by the negligence of Rough Agenda, any changes to the Conference agenda or venue.

According to Rough Agenda’s Code of Conduct, we may terminate an Attendee’s participation in the Conference at any time in our sole discretion. If an Attendee has violated the rules outlined in the Code of Conduct, no refund will be issued for the remainder of the training or Conference to be undertaken, regardless of ticket type.

Marketing, Privacy and Publicity

In registering for Rough Agenda’s events, you permit us to use your name in customer lists and other publicity related to the Conference, including interviews, case studies, and conference discussions.

By registering for this event you agree you will be contacted by the organisers with marketing materials associated with the event and also sponsors of the event by email, post, text message and phone. You also agree for a profile to be created in your name in the event app.

You hereby waive any rights of privacy and publicity in connection with any Rough Agenda photographs, films and video tapes that have been taken of you or in which you may be included with others during the Conference.

DoubleClick: We use Google Adwords & Google Analytics remarketing codes to log when users view specific pages or take specific actions on a website. This allows us to provide targeted advertising in the future. If you do not wish to receive this type of advertising from us in the future you can opt out using the DoubleClick opt-out page or the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.

Photography and Videoing

Please note that photographs and video footage will be taken throughout BrightonSEO and all associated events over the event period. Materials commissioned by Rough Agenda will be used for marketing and publicity, on our website and in social media or in third party publications.If you don’t wish your image to be used, then please let us know and we’ll do our best to ensure we do not use any material in which you appear. If you’ve spotted something which is already in use then please let us know: [email protected].

If you are planning on photographing or filming at BrightonSEO you will need to request permission by informing us of the anticipated timings and location of activities, set up and equipment specification, and intended used of the material. Email [email protected].

You may be asked to provide evidence of an adequate risk assessment and insurance documentation for your planned activities, and Rough Agenda reserve the right to request cessation of any photography or filming activities, at our discretion. Any activities which are proving to be a disruption or distraction to the event programme, overly invasive for delegates, or which are presenting a health and safety concern will be halted.

Admissions Policy

Rough Agenda reserves the right to refuse admission or eject any delegate deemed to be behaving in an unacceptable manner. We do not tolerate any form of unsociable or unacceptable behaviour, and will act upon any behaviour reported to us. All attendees and sponsors of the event must follow the code of conduct.
In the unlikely event of a threatening or inappropriate situation occurring at our events, we request that the attendee bring any issues to the attention of the organisers as soon as possible. Within reason we will do our utmost to investigate, take action and resolve the situation, in the best interest of all parties.

See Code of Conduct for further information.

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