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Although his role is Managing Director at Impression, don’t be fooled into thinking he’s not up to speed on modern SEO challenges. In his role, Aaron heads up the technical leadership of the company and is tasked with managing service innovation for the agency’s clients. His background is in web development and technical SEO.

Along with the agency’s technical SEO team, Aaron works with international blue chip clients facing JavaScript-based indexation issues at scale.

Who should attend this course?

This course is aimed at those who are already familiar with JavaScript website development. Although no coding experience is necessary, you should definitely be comfortable with technical discussions.

The course will be JavaScript library and content management system agnostic.

It’s mostly for SEO’s and digital marketing managers but JS devs won’t be out of place at all.

What you'll need to bring along

Your laptop (and a charger!) are necessary.

What to expect

If you register for one of our training courses you don’t only get a day of in-depth and practical training from some of the industry’s most respected professionals, you also get a ticket to Europe’s biggest specialist SEO event.

100% Money Back Guarantee

There’s simply no worse feeling than putting aside a day out of the office to go to a training course, handing over your cash and a course failing to live up to your expectations.

We do all we possibly can to make our courses the best you’ve attended but if you ever feel we didn’t live up to your expectations, we’ll give you a total refund, no questions asked.

This course is now available online via the brightonSEO Academy.

Course Overview

JavaScript will be one of those areas of technical SEO that just keeps on giving us challenges. In the last few months alone, Google has updated its web rendering service engines and since then website owners will have seen a larger default amount of visibility.

These recent updates are of course positive, however incorrectly implemented JavaScript-powered websites can wreak havoc on your website’s visibility and digital marketing ROI.

Understanding how to better handle the fallout from a JavaScript website migration from all angles is key and whether you’re an SEO, product owner, JavaScript developer or digital consultant, this course will get everyone on the same page.

We’ll talk a fair bit about Angular, Vue and React however this course is library agnostic. Whilst each library has its own nuances the underlying potential issues with JavaScript websites aren’t often impacted by the library.

Course Outline

In this course, we’ll cover;

  • JavaScript, its impact on websites, and JavaScript SEO
    A JavaScript library doesn’t replace a content management system. The two can be coupled together, or operate entirely independently. Half of a website might be running on JavaScript and the other half might be running on plain old PHP/HTML. We don’t want to teach you to suck eggs, but we do want everyone in the room on the same page, so we’ll run through the theory, the challenges and some great case studies and graphs of what good and bad JavaScript implementations can do to a website’s SEO.
  • Google and JavaScript site processing
    We’ll look broadly at how rendering works, starting with the JavaScript perspective, and then applying this to the search engine angle. We’ll discuss the options available to you as marketers and developers, and begin to touch on how to render search friendly copies of pages.
  • Rendering
    Beyond Google’s web rendering service, you’ll also want to learn more about the various on- and off-site server-side-rendering (SSR) options available to you.
  • Common JavaScript/framework issues for SEOs
    Through our consultancy we’ve seen plenty of issues for SEOs, including blank pages, page speed issues, duplicate content, server-side-rendering downtime, indexable search pages, lack of canonicalisation, onclick instead of <a> tags, inaccessible deeper pages — and the list goes on. We’ll work with examples in the room to pick apart such issues and show you some of our consultancy work so that you need not make the same mistakes.
  • Debugging and issue tracking
    We’re not looking to fix broken JavaScript code, but we are looking to improve a JavaScript implementation. Sometimes this means jumping into the JavaScript coding of a website to understand how it’s working. Sometimes this means running headless chrome on your machine, or faking a user agent in Chrome.
  • How to work with your boss/client/developer to fix
    There will be plenty of people in the room from different backgrounds and we’d like to get some conversation going on how to get dev queue priority on your fixes.
  • “Normal” tech SEO for JS sites
    Something that we found at Impression whilst working on a consultancy basis with lots of JavaScript websites is that they’re also much more prone to fall down on the other, more common, SEO issues too. This is usually because the CMS solution is headless and the JavaScript framework used doesn’t come with all the nice baked-in SEO goodies many consultants are used to. We’ll run through some examples and best practise.
  • Plenty of tech-heavy discussion where required
    Many in the room will come from a technical, hands on background, however the course will be mindful that we’re in the room to discuss search engine performance and marketing ROI. Whilst we may geek out a little on some technical solutions, we’ll equally keep the discussion on track to focus on meaningful JavaScript change requests that will have tangible impacts to your sites bottom line.

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Why Train with BrightonSEO

Experts, not Trainers

We won’t waste your time sitting you in front of full time trainers who haven’t got their hands dirty for god knows how long; we get experts from different fields of the industry on board to give you the information they know works, not just the theory of what’s supposed to.

Specific, Detailed and Unique

Most training providers are looking for a course they can run month after month, week after week, so they end up being general and catch-all. Not our courses … they’re more detailed and in-depth than you’ll find anywhere else.

You Drive the Agenda

We don’t drive the agenda, you do. Before each training course, we ask what you want to be taught, and we actually listen. All the workshops we run have been selected because they’re the most commonly requested training subjects useful to you.

Group Sizes

The group sizes are ideal, more than a handful to offer a bit of diversity and substance to the day, but small enough that the training can remain hands-on and personal, making sure all questions are directly answered.

The Perfect Duration

The day runs from 9.30-4.00 to keep it punchy. Any longer than that and it starts to drag, any shorter and you’re not able to properly sink your teeth into what you’re covering. Don’t worry, you’ll also get plenty of breaks to network.

Proper Food & Drink

There’s a couple of coffee breaks, morning and afternoon, and we also provide a proper lunch. That’s right, we’re talking real food with beer and wine rather than soggy sandwiches or mush slopped from a tray.


I had a long wishlist of things I wanted to be able to do, It was clear from the start that the trainer was a real specialist who knows the topic inside out.
Rob Watson

Rob Watson
Head of Marketing, Glendinning Group

BrightonSEO is THE ultimate event for anyone wanting to immerse themselves in talks from the leaders in both Search, Content and Influencer Marketing. The training sessions the day before are even more personal, supercharging you up with 1-2-1 coaching and getting under the bonnet with an expert.
John Sadeghipoor

John Sadeghipoor
Global Head of Digital Marketing, FitFlop

I thought you’d like to know how your sessions are genuinely benefitting people and that your instructors are going above and beyond.
Matt Allfrey

Matt Allfrey
SEO Manager, iCrossing UK

So much background information and explanations provided together with clear detailed plans for implementing what was covered.
Mike Glaire

Mike Glaire
Director, Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue

The training at BrightonSEO gives you unique, small-group access to some of the best minds in the business who give you actionable tips to take away and improve how you do things straight away. Oh and you get a free lunch
Stuart Kerr

Stuart Kerr
Head of Digital, Liberty Games

I've gained invaluable learnings and taken away actionable tactics and ideas for strategy formulation which I've been able to act upon almost immediately. The informal yet structured classroom style of delivery provided an excellent inclusive and engaging environment.
Dawn Anderson

Dawn Anderson
Director, Move It Marketing

I absolutely loved the training I just attended and thought it was completely worth my time and my company's money. My head is about to explode with new information right now.
Juliet Perrachon-Bazire d’Arguesse

Juliet Perrachon-Bazire d’Arguesse
Co Founder, Bébé Voyage

We attend every Brighton SEO (it's like our Christmas!)
Laura Slingo

Laura Slingo
Digital Campaign Manager, Seeker Digital

Its always a great experience at Brighton SEO. The whole team learn something new from the industry leaders' experiences.
Danielle Easton

Danielle Easton
SEO Consultant, 22 Digital

Duncan’s CRO training was fantastic. He demonstrated the conversion optimisation process in a methodical and engaging way, using relevant case studies and activities to bring it to life. I definitely left with a reinforced appreciation of how important CRO is for us and also the confidence to strengthen our own optimisation programme.
Sarah Wilhelmi

Sarah Wilhelmi
Head of SEO,

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