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10am-5pm October 5, 2022 Brighton £390 £340 - Early Bird Register

MeasureFest is a digital marketing conference which focuses exclusively on analytics, big data, business intelligence and conversion rate optimisation.

MeasureFest brings the best practitioners in the industry together with a series of compelling, educational and practical talks.

If you buy a ticket you’ll also get access to both days of brightonSEO or you can enter the ballot for a free ticket to MeasureFest.


Talk Topics

Winner or loser? Analysing your test results with causal impact on R studio

Giulia Panozzo

In this session you will learn how to use Causal Impact Analysis on R Studio, a powerful way to analyse test results and infer the impact of a change on a group of pages. It can be used on any areas where changes in strategy need to be justified by test results first, and it’s an invaluable tool to help your decision making and clearly show stakeholders the impact of your team’s work.

SEO, analytics and the scientific method - insights from a scientist

Martina Neville

In this talk, Martina will combine science with SEO! Highlighting the process of scientific research, Martina will reveal insights into using the scientific method for SEO and analytics to ensure you implement, track and improve SEO results in a way that your clients need.

Intents and purposes: visualising and understanding your customers search queries

Marty Meany

Prepare to love Data Studio and feel like a coder as Marty shows you how easily you can tag Google Search Console queries with consumer intent signals.

Irregular regex for regular people

Myriam Jessier

Feeling like a regular human today? Good! You are qualified to attend this talk about things regular folks can do with some regex voodoo. If you ever felt anxious looking for regex shortcuts that you can copy paste on a Monday morning, we advise you to attend this talk!

GDPR and ePrivacy Considerations for A/B Testing

Rowenna Fielding

Rowenna's talk will offer insights and guidance on 'Data Protection by Design and by Default', a core requirement of the GDPR, and how testing activities are impacted by ePrivacy law. This is much less tedious than it sounds.

Understanding the dark site of ecommerce

Sam Pennington

Sam will lift the lid on some important ecom problems (that you may or may not be aware that you have) and suggest ways to monitor the impact and potentially help solve them. Commercial awareness is key to ecom success.

Why SEOs should think about CRO when expanding internationally

Veruska Anconitano

Veru is a Multilingual SEO and CRO (and Localization) Manager and consultant. She helps companies enter non-English-speaking markets they are unfamiliar with. She's obsessed with serving users the best experience using SEO as an entry point and helping companies understand that traffic is just a vanity metric.

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