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July 7, 2021 Jury's Inn Brighton Waterfront, Brighton, UK £360 Register
July 21, 2021 Online £250 Register

MeasureFest is a digital marketing conference which focuses exclusively on analytics, big data, business intelligence and conversion rate optimisation.

MeasureFest brings the best practitioners in the industry together with a series of compelling, educational and practical talks.

Your MeasureFest ticket includes access to brightonSEO.

We’ll be adding more talks and speakers as they’re confirmed.

Talk Topics

Improving Efficiency Using Google Sheets

Carl Burton

We will look at different formulae and tools within Google Sheets to automate processes and improve the speed in which they can be completed. Everything from using macros, to the infamous keyword cluster buster, you'll find out how these could change the way you work. Expect practical, easy-to-implement advice with specific examples on where they can be useful.

CRO is Dead

David Mannheim

Conversion rate optimisation is a gonner. The bad practices that have been plaguing the industry for years are damaging our reputation as practitioners and evangelists. I want to discuss why and how to save it - if that's possible at all.

How to separate non-branded organic traffic from branded

Dimitris Drakatos

This talk will show how you can grow non-branded organic traffic for a brand that receives a huge amount of branded organic traffic and showcase your work.

Interactive Data Studio reporting for Core Web Vitals performance and progress-tracking using Screaming Frog and GSheets

Lazarina Stoy

The talk will showcase how to overcome the challenges of Core Web Vitals auditing being complex, holistic, and static through an interactive Data Studio report. The data studio dashboard is a simple, yet efficient approach, which enables tangible and actionable recommendations for all three metrics for a page-level, section-level, and site-level basis. The approach is robust in integrating and reporting on lab and field data, highlighting patterns and improvement recommendations, and enabling progress-tracking and moderation of the implementations and their effects on Core Web Vitals performance.

Session Segmentation with Unsupervised Machine Learning

Richard Lawrence

Use unsupervised machine learning to find patterns in how your website audience behaves within their sessions and use this to generate things to test for CRO & changes to make to improve the website.

Why SEOs need CROs - and Vice Versa

Vanessa Davies

This talk explores the vital role conversion rate optimisation plays in achieving that most fundamental of SEO goals: getting users to a site... and keeping them there. Vanessa investigates the role of the metrics we measure in CRO as key factors in successful SEO, and how SEO serves CRO, too.

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