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MeasureFest is a digital marketing conference which focuses exclusively on analytics, big data, business intelligence and conversion rate optimisation.

MeasureFest brings the best practitioners in the industry together with a series of compelling, educational and practical talks.

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Talk Topics

GTM event tracking for GA4

Anna Corbett

A super actionable and practical talk for people relatively new to GA4 that will you to get new GA4 event tracking implemented right away.
The talk will include how to make the most of the new event capabilities in GA4, mapping old to new and will include an example setup (with a takeaway container json file).

Data Studio: using real-time personalised dashboards to empower colleagues and reduce reporting time

Charlotte Edwards

How do you give all your colleagues - technically minded or otherwise - immediate access to the stats they need without a) spending all your time providing reports or b) teaching everyone to use Google Analytics? Charlotte will explain how she solved this problem through the use of Data Studio dashboards and back end filters.

The role of Google Analytics in the future martech stack

Daniel Perry-Reed

Google Analytics 4 is here, and here to stay. Google has invested a lot of money, time and people to make this the centre of the Google marketing stack. We'll go through what's changing and what we need to do to get there.

Interactive Content’s Role in Declared Data Acquisition

Ian Helms

Ian will discuss why and how cutting-edge marketers should leverage interactive content to support zero- and first-party data capture and ultimately drive more valuable, personalized experiences in this session. They will also share best-in-class examples and cover some critical considerations for choosing the best interactive tool for the job.

Milliseconds make Millions - how improving the speed on your mobile site can improve conversion

Joanna Beech

By 2023, mCommerce will account for ¾ of total ecommerce sales, which is a double from today. This despite most brands struggling to prioritise mobile site performance. In this session, I will talk about how ‘Milliseconds make Millions’ and explain the correlation between mobile site metrics such as speed and mobile site performance, using proven results taken from Deloitte research.

4 Dumb Data Studio Dashboards That Will Make Your Marketing Team Love You

Justin Driskill

Don't overthink it! 4 easy to build dashboards that can make life much easier for marketers (and impress the heck out of them).

GA4 - what you need to know

Lars Maat

You'll learn why you want to start working with GA4 and what the difference is between Universal Analytics and GA4. You may even get some set-up tips!

Intents and Purposes: Visualising and understanding your customers search queries

Marty Meany

Using Google's Data Studio, Marty will show you how to manually tag queries from data sources like Search Console to identify the intent a user is displaying in their search queries. You can use this knowledge to better understand your customers' journeys and for lots of other things too like understanding branded versus unbranded queries or performance of particular parts of your website.

Why your Ecom data sucks! How to transform your GA Ecom data into actionable insights

Stephen McAllister

Ever feel like you are not getting the most from your Ecom data in GA. Stephen will be going through several out the box features in GA, plus custom dimensions to help transform your data. Find out how to take your data to the next level, from reporting to insights, attribution and more importantly actions you can take away to improve your marketing.

The elephant in the room: How on earth do we track "brand"?

Thierry Ngutegure

In the era of "personal brands", "big brands" and "building brands", Thierry will show in this talk how to measure success, examine its impact on SEO and Digital PR, how to track brand and explain why should it be one of the most important parts of your digital strategy in the next few years

Staying ahead of Google with Performance UX

Wes Maynard

Several years ago, Wes, amongst others, predicted the trajectory Google was on with SEO. Relying less and less on technical updates and page attributes to order rankings - how users were actually experiencing and using websites was being added to the mix.

By not just focusing on impressions and clicks - this talk is about how you can introduce Performance UX to improve SEO, demonstrate real ROI and delight your clients.

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