9:00-5:00 April 16, 2020Jury's Inn, Renaissance Suite, Brighton £360 £235 - Early BirdRegister

MeasureFest is a digital marketing conference which focuses exclusively on analytics, big data, business intelligence and conversion rate optimisation. MeasureFest brings the best practitioners in the industry together with a series of compelling, educational and practical talks.

Talk Topics

How to get zero effort multi-channel analytics

Adam Chapman Ballard, Mediahawk

Increasingly, we need more from our data than statistics, in order to impress members of the C-suite and prove that KPIs have been met. But we've got pools of data all over the place - and can you really trust data from ad providers? Imagine if you could seamlessly bring together multi-channel data and match it up with sales enquiry data so you knew where your best leads and enquiries came from. And better - what if you could do it with zero effort? This talk will show you how (and how to capture sales channels you've probably overlooked.)

Turning Google Analytics into your Product Analytics Tool

Anna Lewis, Polka Dot Data Ltd

There are so many customisations available in Google Analytics to turn it into the master analysis tool you never knew you had! Find out how to get detailed product, consumer group and conversion data to power up your reporting and take your ecommerce store and CRO efforts to the next level.

How to use BigQuery with DataStudio

Arpun Bhuhi, Distilled

Arpun will be talking about the pitfalls of DataStudio and how to overcome those using BigQuery.

Process and Principles That Help to Come up and Optimize CTA Buttons for Your Audience and Goals

Bartek Lanc, ZMorph

How CTA buttons matter. Learn why they’re crucial points between conversion or bounce with a set of principles and processes instead of blind guessing.

Automated Opportunity Models with GSC and R Studio

Hayden Roche, Red Ventures

In this talk, Hayden discusses how he's found himself many times over the years completing many one-time opportunity analyses using third party, estimated keyword metrics or a small sample of data. He'll work through how to combine R Studio and the Google Search Console API to pull keyword-device data at scale, create CTR curves and forecast the max traffic opportunity.

Shining a Light on Dark Traffic

Helen Pollitt, Avenue Digital

Google Analytics is a powerful tool but not always accurate "out-of-the-box". In this talk, Helen gives insight into the sheer volume of incorrect data and how this mis-attribution of traffic could be devastating to digital marketing campaigns. You will also learn how to correct the issues with segments and filters to get back some of that "dark" data.

Freaky Friday: Alexa, how can I track YOU?

Nicolas Hinternesch, AT Internet

Some people equate having a voice assistant in their living room with hosting a government spy in their closet. But is it really that bad? And, more importantly, how can analysts track & analyze voice usage?

How I built a social media marketing funnel that converts using Facebook Groups

Vicki Jakes,

In this talk, Vicki shares her experience of setting up a funnel to promote and sell her online courses using Facebook Groups and the work she did around improving the conversion rate across all stages in the funnel. One for those intrigued by the rise of Facebook Groups as an online audience conversion tool.

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