9:00 - 5:00 April 16, 2020Empress Suite, The Grand Brighton £360Register

A spin off event from brightonSEO, to help you learn more about how to promote your business through advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Paid social media advertising is one of the most exciting and fastest changing areas of digital marketing.

This specialist event will concentrate on practical and hands-on ways of making more of your advertising on social networks.

Talk Topics

Product launches vs ongoing campaigns in paid social

Aleks Certa, The Social Way

Using real life campaigns, Aleks will show the difference in using paid social for product launches vs 'always on' strategy. As she works in a niche environment (coaches and course creators), Aleks gets a unique insight into trends and will share the things she has learned you need to consider before deciding which strategy to use.

Instagram best practices for retail

Bethan Rainford, Vervaunt

The talk will cover an industry overview and recent trends across Instagram advertising. We will explore best practices for retail, creative formats, targeting options and best in class examples.

YouTube - Driving Conversions using Video

Damon Gochneaur, Aspiro Agency

While most see YouTube as an awareness channel, the platform has evolved and can drive real conversions. Learn how an audience based aproach, with a little machine learning and smart bidding, can help drive store visits, online sales or form submits.

How to rescue your Facebook Ad campaigns when results are not what you expected

Dan Lifton, Overdrive Digital

We all have our assumptions that our new Facebook campaign is going to work perfectly and the ROAS is going to be amazing from day 1. Sometimes, reality and expectations can differ greatly. So what happens when results are not what you were hoping for from your campaign and what can you do about it?
The aim of this presentation is to provide a checklist of reasons why your Facebook campaigns are under-performing and how you can turn them into the winners you always thought they would be.

3 ways social advertisers are rethinking their creative strategy

Dan Schering, Overdrive Digital

The average consumer sees anywhere up to five thousand ads a day. Unfortunately, many social marketers still stick to the same old creative strategies that have worked in the past and miss out on new opportunities to connect with their ad creative. This session will look at the three key ingredients to a modern ad creative strategy that works for the new realities of marketing:

#1: Mastering new and important ad types
#2: Using technology to take ad creative to the next level
#3: Always be testing: why a data-driven approach to creative is key

Maximising the potential of LinkedIn Advertising

Emily McReynolds, Mindshare WW

In her talk, Emily will cover best practices, tips and tricks and proven learnings from LinkedIn Advertising

Get in front of the decision maker with LinkedIn Message Ads

Jacob Tibbett, Novicell

How to target the decision maker on LinkedIn through message ads. No longer should you view LinkedIn as an ad platform which is too expensive. Jacob will be delivering insights and best practices from a case study him and his team have been running over the past year on message ads.

Top 15 Hacks To Paid Social Success

John Clarke, Honcho Search

Discover the do's and don'ts when optimising your paid social campaigns, with his 15 'hacks' to paid social success. Learn tips and tricks to accelerate your paid social campaigns, with focus on achieving maximum return on investment.

Getting started with Paid Social Attribution

Rebecca Meekings, iProspect

Social media plays a huge role in the customer journey, however measuring its value alongside other channels can often be tricky. Paid social measurement is a huge talking point right now & with the launch of Facebook's new Attribution Tool, a new wave of social measurement has arrived.

After testing Facebook Attribution, Rebecca will share some tips on how you can get started with measuring and understanding the value of your Paid Social efforts.

Facebook Ads for Brand Awareness: How to Create a Commercial Experience for High-Value Return

Susan Wenograd, Aimclear

The bottom line, long-term goal of your paid media is to grow your brand. With the hyper-focus on bottom of funnel conversion, how might you be missing out on actually building a beloved, searched-for brand in the bigger picture? This session will cover several case studies on using Facebook Ads within the framework of a TV commercial directive, and how it's created success for brand awareness metrics.

Making Ads Work Everywhere

Tim Allen, Distilled

- Hacks for getting creative with your ads
- What ad types exist across all major platforms
- Building a paid marketing funnel

Getting Started With Video Marketing

Uzair Kharawala, SF Digital Marketing

Learn how Uzair used the power of video to build his brand & following from 0 to over 8,700 YouTube subscribers in 15 months using video ads on YouTube & Google Display Network.

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