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The Online PR Show is a new conference dedicated to successful digital public relations, outreach and influencer marketing.

Taking place the day before the world famous brightonSEO conference in one of the world’s most creative seaside cities.


Talk Topics

The psychology of the journalist - creating winning pitches

Becky Simms, Reflect Digital

Getting your pitch right is fundamental to achieving coverage, the best story could be missed if the pitch doesn't resonate. But what does resonate with journalists? We created a personality test for journalists that has uncovered intriguing insights into their intrinsic motivations. We'll be unveiling the results of this and sharing the recipe for the perfect pitch based on psychology.

Finding Success for Your Brand on Reddit

Brent Csutoras, Search Engine Journal

In this session, we’ll deep-dive into why Reddit’s important, what impact it can have on your brand and its reputation, and how you can represent yourself and your brands successfully.

Creating a kick ass seeding list to land links on more than just the nationals

Carrie Rose, Rise at Seven

You may have good data, content on site, and stories that you can share - but who the hell should you send it to? Who's going to be interested in what you have to say and how do you get them interest? In this talk Carrie will be sharing her tips to creating a kick ass seeding list - showing how she strategically targets a minimum of 300 online sites/publications and how you can make the most of every content piece with multiple angles to target not just the nationals but niche sites too

What is digital PR strategy?

Claire Gamble, Unhooked Communications

Strategy is vital for all marketing, but for digital PR it brings a particular challenge - how do you develop the right campaigns so they're in line with your business, audience and market, while making sure they're something that online media will cover, share and link to? This talk will look at what digital PR strategy is and how it can help you create effective campaigns.

How to win friends and influencers in international markets

Daiana Damacus, Webcertain

Just as you have to adapt your approach and message for different audiences in different markets, the same applies to your influencer marketing strategy. Working with local influencers requires tailored approaches to stand any chance of success. Using examples from recent campaigns in South Korea, Australia, Singapore and Spain, Daiana will share some of the pitfalls to be aware of, tips for developing an effective strategy for different markets and examples of success stories.

How to REALLY tie your link building strategy to tangible SEO goals

James Watkins, Impression

It's all well and good achieving hundred of links to your client's website but what if the links you are building are too generic to 'move the needle' in a competitive search landscape or are not targeted enough to deliver results for a client's dream keywords?
James' talk will help you to analyse the search landscape and identify potential opportunities you should be targeting your link building efforts and where you can really make a difference in the SERPs. He will also explain how you can ensure your campaigns and content apply to potential target audiences and can comply with key SEO considerations such as EAT.

Why Digital PR needs to be ethical in 2020

Jodie Harris, MediaVision

This talk goes into how Digital PRs need to be more ethical in 2020. The talk will highlight how Digital PRs have the power to create stories for good and support better journalism at the same time whilst avoiding tabloids that have come under scrutiny following the #BanTheSun movement.

Tweak It, Fake It, and Research Until You Make It

Katheryn Watson, Kaizen

Katheryn explains that, as a PR, it can sometimes be difficult to feel fully invested in a campaign to deliver the results that are expected of us. Whether it's a topic we're not interested in, one we are unfamiliar with, or perhaps the campaign has been prepped by other teams without our input. She'll take you through steps to discover how to get excited about and apply your knowledge to unfamiliar topics as well as how to become more involved in campaigns.

Using Twitter to drive your outreach strategy and gather media insights

Kristina Lazarevic, Builtvisible

Understanding the media landscape involves much more than accruing a database of publications, journalists and their email addresses. While there are myriad tools out there that can make gathering insights about hundreds of media targets easier, there’s one that stands out: Twitter. From spotting media requests to trend jacking, Kristina will reveal the quick tricks she uses throughout the Twitterverse that will help you find media opportunities, target relevant journalists and ultimately save time on a daily basis.

How PR for link acquisition in SEO has changed and how to future proof using relationship building

Matt Jones, Search Laboratory

Digital PR has significantly changed over the last five years and gone are the days of building links for the sake of it. In this talk, Matt will look at developing, and maintaining, relationships with relevant publications to craft the best possible campaigns to maximise results to achieve regular coverage and links.

How to gain coverage when active outreach ends

Ruth Walker, Evolved Search

In her talk Ruth will touch on how to gain consistent, high quality coverage when 'active outreach' ends. She will take you through the practical steps to achieve this, and discuss how this untapped potential can help gain award-winning results for your clients.

Great Expectations: The Truth about Digital PR campaigns

Shannon McGuirk, Aira Digital

In her talk, Shannon will challenge the desire for virality over consistency when it comes to digital PR and link building campaigns, whilst exploring the impact this is having on the industry and team morale, client expectations and distorting reality. By honestly sharing her own shortcomings, she will push you to learn from your own campaign failures using tried and tested frameworks that’ll mean you can face any campaign launch or outreach struggle head-on.

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